Putting chalk to rock…

So here is the first entry into my wandering blogroll of freespirited adventuring, fruitful discovery and, when time grasps my starlight… fantastic creativity.

As mentioned in the About page, it’s time humanity woke up from the technological conditioning we are so obviously being subjected to.

It’s done not only by suggestion, but by direction, of reward, of necessity and of status.

The world has been deliberately infected with a virtual immersion syndrome, whereby every interaction in life is more and more directed into the technological medium.

The email address is truly the chain around our necks, for we have nothing without it.

It is a Dictatorship Of The Deprivation Of Natural Consciousness ~ DOTDONC ~ and thus, of the prohibition of natural neurological escapism.

Human spirituality is “virtually” becoming illegal, covertly and quietly, right under our very noses.

The majority of the world population are so deeply brainwashed that people now think you are CRAZY to suggest there is more to live for outside of the screen.

You are branded schizophrenic, as if something “extra” must be imaginary.

I truly believe 9/11, the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, to be a masterfully crafted part of this subliminal programming.

An inside job? Yes absolutely. Its purpose to remove any continuum of a 20th century consciousness from our minds.

When you think of 20th century western civilisation, the first thing that comes to mind ~ or used to ~ was the Twin Towers in New York.

If the US government truly loved those towers they would have rebuilt them exactly the same, more or less. Instead we now have an image of a jeweled missile in their place.

We have been assimilated into a virtual world of techno-crap, pornography and fear. We are forever at the mercy of “terrorism” and to feel any self worth to keep us going, we are obliged to consume, consume, consume.

We are programmed to absorb constantly, an evil, modern technological mindset and to frown upon and heckle those who wish it were still the 20th century.

The DOTDONC is here.

Its effect imminent, an assault on our natural neurological immune system which righteously defends our consciousness from conditioned thought.

Its purpose thrice ~ consumerism, alteration of perspective and thence collective devotion to false instruction.

I have not seen a rosy, welcoming and lifefresh face in twenty years. This is because today, the only reason a person takes their face out of their screen, is to check their country is not being invaded.

Their country being a shitpit of festering zombies only interested in one thing – their next reward.

We cannot reintegrate society back into society once it is society that needs reintegrating.

I have a challenge for you. Ask a millennial what the word “celibate” means. But prepare for a blank face . . and a broken heart.

When the only people on Earth who remember what life was like before computers – are dead… then dies the world with them.

We can only hope and pray there will be no more pandemics which target the elderly. Is it not alarming to you, how both the USA and the UK allowed the virus to completely destroy their elderly population?

Aye, it was China who released the virus unto the world, but it was the West who deliberately failed to act.

It is so terribly sad to have lost so many of the only kind of people… who actually remembered… who actually listened… who actually existed… who actually knew.

Again… long live premillennials, wherever and how many ever remaining of you there are… you are the only remaining hope, and memory, we have left.

Without our elders, we are but prisoners.


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One thought on “Putting chalk to rock…

  1. So, so true. And sad, but once we are gone, those of us who experienced the best period in history can rest in peace – it will be those who have LET themselves become slaves to other’s sick minds that will receive the wake up call. But you and I know that it will be too late for them. And for us, well we will have experienced life before chaos, evil, and madness took over. No one will ever experience OR EVEN KNOW what it was like, what we were blessed with – no one. That’s one of the main reasons for my weblog, to let anyone interested to know what it was like.
    And yes, the world will definately die a slow miserable death once we’re gone. Amazing to see this all happen in one’s lifetime, from heaven to hell, oh well.
    Not to leave on a down note check my post on playing chess on LSD:
    Hang tough.

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