Robin Hood, Father Of English Democracy

It is a strongly held belief that it is Robin Hood, the leader of a reformist movement, who brought King John to his knees in 1215, when he placed his seal upon the Magna Carta.

Indeed there were many people involved in the actual final events at Runnymede, but without Robin, who is widely hailed to be the Earl of Huntingdon, and his hardy soldiers who sympathised his conflicts with the King, there would not have been the historic event at Runnymede as we know it. At least, not then and there.

It is a sad fact that Britons find themselves conditioned to feel “in the wrong”, or a “traitor”, for admiring Robin Hood. Yet it is the good of his deeds, of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, at a time of such monarchical corruption, that brought him his many followers, his merry men and the revolution that was to become English democracy.

The factual basis one would have therefore, for admiring him, is one reason why “some” will claim, quite naively that he didn’t even exist.

And so it is for this reason, not just his heroic righteous example, but the very deliberate clouding and dirtying of historic evidence regarding his honour, that I will always regard him as not only a hero… but the father of English democracy.

Hitherward, I do then compose a verse in honour, to compliment his famous song.

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, surrounded our King John,
Robin Hood, Robin Hood and his Merry Men had won,
Democracy… for our country…
Robin Hood… Robin Hood… Robin Hood.

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