Cats, Dogs & Umbrellas

If there’s one thing to learn about British weather forecasting, it is that Winter weather is measured from the top of Mount Snowdon, Autumn weather is measured from the port of Dover, Summer weather is measured from the inside of the Sun and Spring is a component of automobile suspension.

Most significantly, the forecasting of WET weather has petroleum written all over it.

I have been cycling to work my whole life. On average I cycle 2,000 miles a year.

In the last 365 days I have worn my waterproof poncho twice. That calculates to a 0.5% chance of it pouring with rain when commuting to and from work.

Or if you prefer… of it raining for any significant period of time.

The media would have you believe that Britain is so “famously” wet and miserable, that cycling is a lunatic sport and the only sane people alive are buying cars.

This year’s Winter weather was a laugh beyond insanity. First it was forecast to be a “Thundersnowpocalypse“, whatever that is, with temperatures of -20 centigrade.

A week later they warmed it up to -10, then another week to -5… and eventually when they felt they had terrorised us enough to all become proud new Range Rover owners… a bit wet.

Oh I don’t deny a sprinkling of Snow this February, but ya know… a FAT BIKE is an entirely superior animal.

What, never heard of those? Yawn.

3 thoughts on “Cats, Dogs & Umbrellas

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  2. Today, Tuesday 19th February 2019, Sky News issue a weather warning of arctic freeze conditions over the coming days… whilst The Sun newspaper issue a weather warning of hottest February on record influenced by an “Australian Plume”… they call it ‘brainwashing’ for a reason ~ more like ‘brainmucking’ if you ask me.


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