Of A Kangaroo…

Of a kangarooI love the Kangaroo. They are special to me, not just because of their beauty, their charm or their charisma, but on a philosophical level. The humble Kangaroo, as I have mentioned in my spiritual works, represents “Creative Evolution”, a pinnacle teaching of my religion, which points to God as the intelligent creator of a world subject in part to the laws of evolution.

It is a topic I will cover in my more personal writings, but in a nutshell, whilst the world is of God’s divine creation, life is also adaptable, evolvable and indeed created to encompass just such traits many speces like the Kangaroo do harbour, through the freely independent laws of science.

However my religion aside, for a) it will only deem this blog quirky and b) it is a lifetime work, so… half a century still to go! Haha.

Seriously though, the Kangaroo speaks to all of us I believe, from a spiritual plane unknown to our evermore conditioned consciousness, reeling us back in line, as do all creatures, as does all nature… as does truth.

Yet the conscious desire to describe it, in a more wondrous or poetical light, has never really surfaced and I guess, since I have genuine adoration for the animal, that must be simply because… you can’t.

Then today I was reading February ’19’s National Geographic, which has a lengthy article on the magnificent beast, and towards the end a quote, from zoologist Tim Flannery:

“So breathtakingly different is the Kangaroo, that if it did not exist, we’d be unable to imagine it.”

That’s perfect mate, perfect.

Image courtesy of USC.

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