{Acco} Miles Davis ~ All Blues

jepps miles davis all blues pocket sax xaphoon
Pocket Sax By Jepps
Here’s a scratch. I fell ill just recently and yesterday I could really feel a cold coming on, so I had to get something recorded before things got any later – or worse.

As some of you know, I’m a bit of a luddite and don’t have any professional gear. The mic on my tablet turned out to be crap and so am making the most of a dictaphone.

You might notice some rain and traffic in the background. That’s due to my apartment having a flat roof and being situated on a sweeping main road that cuts through the country. You can blame the Romans for that.

But yes, even regardless of the odds, for a kick off this track scores well.

Any sax player will tell you that the effects of a cold on your senses will make performing very difficult. Most notably numbness of your lips and indeed hearing impairment.

However, and since this is a teaser, it will demonstrate the Xaphoon’s awesome capabilities, even when employed by someone who, at this moment, can barely taste his own tongue.

PS comes in just before the minute mark. I come in and out throughout so as not to mangle up all the instruments. In effect, trying to blend in with the band. Ahem.

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