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A philoscientific model of our universe, by Simon Edward Jepps.

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{¥} Introduction

Burnham on Sea by Simon Jepps
Burnham On Sea by Simon Jepps
There have been more continents written about in antiquity than there have been prophets who ruled the world.

The true shape of the Earth art depicted in the contours, lines and colours, of an aged wise man’s face, who’s goodness and virtues proclaim upon his forehead, the infinity of God’s majestic and miraculous work.

For the Earth is flat and the sky seer of its trueness.

Once upon a time people embraced each other as uniquely individual and creatively diverse societies. We understood one another as persons of the eternal Earth, rich in a kind hearted spirituality and devotion to our deeply routed and interconnected families. We did not need anything more, for life itself was our most precious desire.

For thence the Earth was ever growing and neverending, forever the harmony and shaping of our lives, each eternal, each everlasting and each of our souls the fire of an infinite continuum unto God.

We did not live our lives in ever decreasing circles of doom and gloom, going nowhere but deeper and deeper into our imprisoned worthless minds, unto a meaningless fate of who’s only purpose is to serve the scientists who bring us bad news.

Nay and herewith, woe betide those sinners of today, who would dictate our lives as insignificant pale blue dots on a worthless canvas of forever falling darkness and eternal unholy doom.

For we are free to believe we are free and we are free to believe our world is peace.

Indeed, for centuries scientists and philosophers alike have debated the truth of our world, its beginning, its middle and sometimes its end. Yet without doubt, at least whence science is concerned, the most profound discussion has oftentimes been dedicated to its shape.

I am not one to refute science, that could be mad to do so. But therefore, it only “could”. I am one therefore who would refute science of which presents itself to be unfounded on the deepest philosophical truths.

If a man of God cannot refute what he does not believe and which he cannot even witness for himself, because the institutions of his day dictate astronomical terrorism as fact, then without doubt the end of days and of true religion is nigh.

Wondrous stories of extraterrestrial worlds and civilisations living together in peace makes for great science fiction… but it is the bitterest sweetest bate of an actual imprisonment unto self torture and hopelessness for God.

I hereby declare the Round Earth theory to be against not only my religion, but the rightful peace of all children.

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{¥} Satan’s Doctrine

We are indoctrinated at an early age to believe we are all living on a little fragile ball, spinning perilously through unchartered and unpredictable space, where the sun violently flares out against us, asteroids and debris bash us to death and whereby we are ever increasingly aware of apocalyptic scenarios which may or may not involve invasion, abduction and enslavement by an overwhelmingly advanced alien race. Yet it doesn’t end there, for outside in the darkness which surrounds our tiny fragile ball, there are stars waiting to explode towards us, peculiar artefacts suggesting aliens are already amongst us, dark energies and even darker mysterious movements, so dark they are incomprehensibly evil, including… a ginormous black hole that will one day suck us all in.

Is this the correct “science” to be teaching our children? Is it the correct “science” to be teaching our parents? And is it for that matter, the correct “science” to be teaching anyone at all?

Should we not at the very least, be allowed to present an alternative scientific model, regardless of its degree of founding by faith, if that model grants children, and indeed society, the peace of mind to feel worthiness unto God?

You may say there is nothing to worry about and that if you do worry about it then you have a mental health problem.

And you would be wrong beyond all that has ever been wrong.

For not only does that prove you have no respect for a child’s peace of mind, but that you have no respect for the very self proclaimed facts of your very own science, since you refute its own stated impact on human security.

Thus you do not believe it yourself and nor does anyone alive, unless they are mad, since the only reason one would affirm such a belief is out of the fear of being rejected by society.

People only claim the world is round out of quiet reluctance to do so, not just because indoctrinated science claims the world is round, but because failure to claim witness to a book is indecently declared failure to claim witness to a globe.

Thus the human right to determine one’s own security of world perspective has been stolen from every living soul at childhood.

I do not for one minute believe, that anyone in their right mind could feel confident in themselves, to run around naked on a beach if they truly believed the world was round.

For who, in their right mind, would want to spend every moment of their lives, whenceforth they raise their eyes to the sky, believing that they are doomed, trapped and worthless?

According to “science” anything approaching Jupiter at nearly the speed of light would only take one hour to reach our planet. Two hours if by half, four hours if halved again. Who knows how fast an asteroid can travel?

Yet the world media would like all our children to receive daily digests of the millions of earth bound projectiles that explode into our atmosphere all year round.

And the ones they didn’t see coming.

This is not what children want to hear and therefore certainly not what God wants children to hear.

Children want to hear they are living amongst a most wondrous and bountiful paradise, where the skies are awe-inspiring and infinitely enchanting. They want to hear that there are magical places yet undiscovered and people of mysterious lands, where unchartered seas of mighty adventure must be sailed.

Yet they are told there is nothing. Only the damnation of eternal darkness above.

Milky Way National Park ColoradoBut what if there was no darkness above? Aye, then we would know in our hearts the Earth beneath our feet is delivered ground, endless and bountiful, rich with majestic mysteries and places of legendary adventures.

Children would believe in the living truth, the living earth, the living poetry… and the undying of time.

Nay, it is a scientific fact that our eyes no longer see the infinite majesty of the outer Heavens above us. For we have become blinded not only by our greed for inner pleasures, but by the very science we have proclaimed righteous.

If every person in the world lived by candle light, the eternal majesty of Heaven would be revealed unto all.

There are an infinite number of stars to behold, many beautiful colours and divinely poetical brush strokes upon the sky, made by the hand of God.

Yet our artificial fortress of scientific ill necessities creates a blinding dark light, which instead of lighting our lives, forms a darkness above our heads.

The Milky Way, the somewhat poetical term for our galaxy, as indoctrinated by institutional science, can only be observed with the naked eye if one travels to the farthest reaches of a lonely desert, where artificial light is obsolete and the pollution of our fortress is dissolved.

Even then, what you would observe with your own eyes art only a glimpse of the truth to behold.

The world… is not a globe.

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{¥} Ye Infinite Plane

The world is in fact an infinite plane.

Yet I make no laughing matter of the scientist who cannot see this, only the globalist who refuses to open his eyes. For it is only knowledge attainable through God.

Aye, I acknowledge, there may be a finite eventuality to our world’s shape, yet let this not confuse from the truth I am to reveal, for even if the edge of the world were to be witnessed as the opening unto all time and space, we would never reach its passing, even if we were to be walking upon its very lips.

The world is not a perilous globe, free falling through terrifying darkness, and this is true for the same reason we seldom ever see a full Moon setting on the horizon.

If we were to witness such an event, every night in all its glory, it would actually be a likewise unsettling experience, since it would be a constant daily declaration that darkness overthrows light.

Hence the Moon is nearly always only ever witnessed disappearing only once the Sun has risen to sanctify the passing of the night.

The Sun and Moon art our guardians and will forever protect us from torment, through the miracle of a most sacred and cosmologically divine gift of peace.

The Sun art another miracle to behold, not purely for its glory, but for its passing beyond the horizon. For as per the Szion principle, a scientific observation I will describe later, and as like a mirage, it only appears to set, yet in reality it can be absolutely witnessed to commune purely within God’s eternal hand.

Whether it be dawn or dusk, whence the Sun appears beneath the horizon, even whence the skies are crystal clear, its light doth not reflect upon the underside of the clouds. It does so only partially from their sides as its light creeps around their reflective lining.

If it were truly setting beneath a global curvature, thence even after it has done so, its light would begin to illuminate the underside of clouds and be reflected down onto the Earth.

Clouds observed from above are exceptionally bright due to their reflectivity of sunlight. Clouds observed from beneath seldom present such bright reflectivity.

Granted there are atmospheric conditions to take into calculation when saying this.

However, since clouds should retain reflectivity regardless of the time of day, if the Earth were a ball, 25,000 miles in circumference, then one would observe a greater amount of light being reflected down onto the ground than we actually observe during sunset and therefore we would also experience alternating terminator periods dependent on the quantity of reflective cloud cover.

Furthermore, we would observe isolated patches of the Earth remaining lit by reflectivity, where cloud is not a constant canopy, even after the Sun has set.

Aye, what we behold at sunrise and sunset, from dawn unto dusk is instead only a miracle of God, the divine mechanics of five dimensional movement, through Szion, the scientific frontier of transcendental knowledge, beyond which all known science resigns unto the sacred and almighty power of the Heavens.

Our world is given unto us from God. It is endless and bountiful, wondrous and magical, prophetic and sacred.

A philosopher looks to the stars and cries tears of gratitude for its poetical majesty of begotten truths and divine prophecies. He does not desire anymore but to see.

A scientist looks to the stars and questions all eternity, whence it is all eternity questioning him. He does not see.

It is an ancient premise and one that will probably continue for antiquities to come. What is the universe?

There are two answers to that question. One is that of science, forever questioned and unanswered. The other is that of religion, forever answered and unquestioned.

Science is an Earthly subject. Philosophy is a Heavenly subject. He who desires to travel amongst the stars will only achieve his goal through God.

For the Earth unto a scientist art bountiful and endless also, yet if only whence science art embracing unto God. Let us journey now across our world and discover all its infinite wonders of all time and space.

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{~} Unto Creation

The Earth is eternal, immeasurable and without boundaries. Yet it is not without definition.

I am a philosopher. Throughout history it will be known, that a philosopher does not partake in scientific debate unless the wellbeing of society demands it to be. I believe that calling to be nigh and truthfully of God’s will.

Yet before I begin, it is important to understand an ancient, yet eternal truth. Vanity is not the path to enlightenment.

Praise be this sacred truth, may the world only know God’s face, and woe betide whosoever would dare demand otherwise.

Yet, I assure you, the definition of proof is by no means limited to spiritual artefact, for the true shape of our Earth I have absolutely and wholeheartedly described, within these physical pages.

Herewith it is my honour to describe to you our world, indeed scientifically, yet within the portrait of my philosophical understanding, since divine creation art only the language of God alone.

Let us begin.

Thus, you may now pose the contradiction… How can an infinite plane be not without definition or shape?

Consider the ground you walk upon. Does it not have definition or shape? Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but consider for a moment why it has definition and indeed shape.

Whilst so much of the Earth, its occupants and its natural life has been discovered, scientists fail to realise what every philosopher has been proposing since we began to talk.

The Earth is alive and growing. Our world and all God made within it, is itself a greater, unimaginably magical, living and breathing organism.

Ye infinite plane art not only of design, but of natural evolution, the Divine’s hand forever reaching out unto the Heavens and the ever growing miracle of life forever kissed by God’s tear-swept and bountiful oceans.

This needs no scientific paper, yet it does demand a heart to understand.

If only then, we could find a fossil, or a reflection of our Earth’s face, or look to the stars for a distant message from its creator. Indeed you may pose the evidence exists. For it does, and yes it is, a distant message from our creator.

A living organism then, would surely appear to look like such, at least with somewhat of a naturally occuring trait. What likeness then in nature, art there for us mere men to behold, as the true face of our world?

The answer given unto us can be seen whence we raise our eyes to the Moon. For if thou beholds the face of the Moon, thou beholds its expression of our friendship.

Behold now, a Seashell, its curvature and embrace arching outwards and upwards, its divine secrets concealed within.

And we are that divine secret.

Our world art shaped of God’s sacred desiring, its firmament an eternal Seashell, fortified by the miracle of all time and space, its oceans preciously embraced of its own divine lips, whence the Earth art nourishing and comforting of all the blessed creatures that do live and walk within its eternal grace.

Aye, our eternal world art the most divine and beautiful, the most precious and yet immortal, a sacred belonging unto the oceans whence we were born.

Pray and behold, the Seashell.

Now, with our good place and being made firmly of God’s creation, let us continue our journey… unto the Heavens.

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{~} Let There Be Light

Infinite Szion Plane World Embraced Within A Sacred SeashellHow can the Sun and Moon orbit an infinite plane?

The answer is not beyond comprehension, yet to embrace its reasoning you must first open your eyes to the magic and inspiration handed down to us, indeed from the very Heavens we so impatiently dare to question.

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue; I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too.

Listen with your eyes, listen with your eyes and sing everything you see; I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing along with me.

A rainbow is a wondrous spectacle of nature, caused by water droplets in the atmosphere splitting the spectrum of light, and revealing all the colours of its glory.

Yet you cannot touch a rainbow. Not really. You can only touch one with your mind.

If you try to approach a rainbow and enter into its arching, you will merely discover it has vanished. This is due to a mirage of perspective. Yet someone else observing your attempt from a distance may indeed witness the apparition of you doing so.

This phenomena we shall call Szion, or ¥.

Whilst not directly of the same mechanics, the cosmos above our heads presents other similar phenomena, in its own way. Indeed for example, the bending of light, the apparition of nearness and sometimes also texture.

All the wondrous points of light, colourful objects and exquisite phenomena visible in the Heavens above our world are of course real and observable in more detail through scientific instruments such as telescopes.

However they cannot be visited, during this life. They are instead our mentors and companions, created purely for our enjoyment and comfort, indeed moreso to say, a glimpse of what awaits us in the afterlife.

Our three family members, the Earth, the Moon and the Sun are a separate astronomical equation, which whilst a part of the greater cosmos, behave independently to most other witnessable phenomena.

For the Earth, the Moon and the Sun are the center of all the universe and Szion the embracement of not three, or even four dimensions, but of five.

The fifth dimension goes beyond all of space and all of time eternal, for it is the immeasurable and the undying, it is the sacredly divine Love of God.

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{~} Squaring Ye Circle

When voyaging into Outer Space, the same phenomena herewith called “Szion”, will be witnessed of the Sun and Moon. Yet not of course in the same way as a Rainbow in a field, for as we know from employing scientific instruments, both the Sun and the Moon present a seemingly more material presence than merely that of light.

Which is true of ∞ ¥ = also, yet whilst they appear to be of our own physical reality, just like our own infinite eternal plane, they are also objects of the fifth dimension.

As such and like a Rainbow in the common three dimensions, their physical positions in time and Space are dependant on the divine communion between five dimensions, whence a square becomes a circle and a circle becomes a square.

Five dimensional astrophysics is only a concept learnable through God, for the fifth dimension is that of the most eternal and omnipowerful love.

This might strike you as avoiding real science in favour of a paranormal superstition, yet if I were to ask you why everything in the Heavens is so precisely designed, whereby the Moon appears exactly the same size as the Sun, is of a likewise precisely equatable distance, always faces the Earth and never sets without daylight sanctifying its passing, you would have no rational response yourself, other than God.

Transcending all time and Space then, God is not only where and when, but God is everything, everywhere and in all eternity forever. Thus God is the Stars, God is the Earth, God is the Sun and God is the Moon.

With that understanding we can perceive how just as God transcends all Time and Space, so do the Stars, so does the Earth, so does the Sun and so does the Moon.

And this works, for the engagement of a scientific term, through the Szion principle. That is to say our observations of the Heavens are only true in three or four dimensional physics, whence in actuality we cannot from the surface of the Earth, observe the wholeness of their wandering lives.

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{~} The Szion Sphere

The Sun and Moon orbit the Earth, our sacred and eternal Seashell. Indeed the Earth, infinite and bountiful, is the center of all the universe.

About the Earth is a region of SpaceTime called the Szion Sphere. Like the Earth this is infinite in size or dimension and it is this sphere of influence about which orbit the Sun and Moon.

The Szion Sphere is a five dimensional bubble of astronomical transcendental influence, instructing the orbital mechanics of the Sun and Moon about our infinite plane, thus commanding the behaviour of light, gravity and time unto a harmonious balance of all time and space.

Both the Sun and Moon present the apparition of travelling through the surface of the Earth whence in actuality they are a five dimensional distance from its limited observable firmament.

As I will explain whence discussing Gravity, the humble Gyroscope is in fact an accurate representation of our astronomically described place in the universe.

When the Sun rises in the morning the Moon is passing a different region of the sphere. Yet it does not become hidden by the underside of our Earth’s shell, since it is travelling five dimensionally and will appear, somewhat akin to a mirage, elsewhere above the Earth.

Thus all lunar phases are predominantly the result of Szion, whereby light is absorbed and reflected through fluctuating gravitational fields. That is to say the predominant cause art not the Earth’s shadow, but the fact that light does not actually reach the Moon. The Szion Sphere creates a phenomena called Gravitational Arches, which in turn bend the light around the Moon, presenting the apparition of a shadow.

These I will describe some more whence discussing The Communion and Gravity.

Five dimensional astronomical mechanics allow for the presence of one object to be naturally transposed elsewhere, thus to occupy multiple places in SpaceTime physically and simultaneously.

A miracle then, it is true, for Szion is the direct astronomical explanation for the witnessing of Stars which shine brightly through the surface of the darkened Moon!

Herein, the astronomically unprecedented coincidence of the Moon’s similar size, dimension and apparently relative distance to the Sun, its peculiar nature of being tidally locked to the Earth, and the miraculous phenomena of it seldom ever setting without daylight to guard its passing, is purely and unconditionally the divine work of God.

The Sun and Moon, their eternal conversation and undying relationship with our infinite plane, forever a divine communion with and of the Earth, in accordance yet only whence five dimensionally with the Szion principle, is hereby the most beautiful and sacred phenomena I will hereby name, The Temporal Covenant.

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{¥} The Temporal Covenant

The outer Heavens are not beyond righteous inquisition.

Yet much like the great explorers of antiquity discovered of the continents, neither are they beyond righteous mystery.

We have been conditioned to believe there is nothing left of our world to explore and that only the leaders of unattainable scientific pursuits are endowed with the gift of Heavenly wonders.

This is a lie.

Imagine for a moment a world of immeasurable magnificence, growing and reaching out, endlessly and bountifully, so much so that when we raise our eyes to the Heavens, time appears to stand still.

The truth is we do not need to voyage into Space in order to discover new and wondrous things, or people of mysterious and magical worlds… for the world is not a globe.

As I said in the beginning, there have been more continents written about in antiquity than there have been prophets who ruled the world.

So, with that in mind, let us now submit unto the eternal love of God, let go of all our illusions of worthlessness, or of meaninglessness, and travel with me now as an equal, unto the wonder of a mutually embraceable Heaven.

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{~} Of The Heavens

A mutually embraceable Heaven is only one that brings comfort to people firstly, as an understood experience in this life and secondly, as a perceivable experience in the next life.

Thus one needs to accept the Heavens above as a pre requiem to an eventuality, indeed then an invitation, yet only of what there is to come in the next life, rather than an absolute gift unto this life now.

They are the encouragement of reward through one’s ascension unto God. So with peace I teach you, they are only of pure wonder for thine soul’s belonging and not of unrighteous wandering for thine body’s desire.

We will be embraced of them only whence God’s choosing.

This does not mean we cannot reach out to them and express our good will to be amongst them. However there is a boundary in this life past which we cannot voyage.

As such Earth, our sacred and eternal Seashell, sans boundaries and forever nourishing, is our home.

Though here now, I will describe an ascent unto the skies, and in favour of the Heavens, therein towards our closest neighbour, the Moon.

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{~} The Communion

The MoonThe Moon, praise be its enchanting grace, is indeed also a divine wonder of only the purest safekeeping.

That is to say, we can reach out to it and even touch it with our hearts… but we cannot cast our sins unto its soul. It is not of this life, a place of unruly exploration, it is instead yet of the next life, a place only of peaceful meditation.

Our home and given place this life is of the eternal Earth. Yet of course our desires are not without just reason and so we may at least pursue our dreams. So walk with me now unto a vessel, with which I will describe an ascent towards its sacred firmament.

Whilst one can attain a great distance from the ground, so much so that the infinity of the Earth’s plane will become apparent and witnessable, one will remain gravitationally bound to the Earth for the greatness of any duration in Space.

This is because it is impossible to escape the embrace of an infinite plane. For as far as you travel you will only ever be travelling above a continuum of planar infinitum.

As such zero gravity is not an absolute actuality of our spacial dimension, only of the outer Heavens which surround us.

Yet I say not an “absolute” actuality because although this is true for the most part, there is a Szion phenomena which brings into creation phases of zero gravity above our infinite planar.

These are called Szion Gravitational Arches and they are the indirect product of the two five dimensional orbits of our Sun and Moon.

To explain, since the Sun and Moon orbit an infinite plane via the employment of a five dimensional sphere, the Earth itself occulates a gravitational wave through spacetime, in direct relation to its own Szion apparition of harbouring a relatively variable size, shape and mass.

That is to say therefore, the apparition of Earth’s variable size shape and mass, suggested by the orbits of the Sun and Moon about a five dimensionally encapsulating sphere, cause space and time to warp, or “stretch” during their movements or “passings”.

Indeed this is much like the earlier description of our Rainbow, appearing as an arching of colourful light whence various factors come together in play.

Szion Gravitational Arches are thence periodic patches in outer space of zero or even fluctuating gravity, forming in the shape of magnificent arches above our infinite plane, and which are caused by anomalous apparitions of varying planar mass whence the Szion orbits of the Sun and Moon contradict three or four dimensional physics.

Thus for the most part, whence leaving the Earth and venturing outwards, instead of entering a realm of free floating in Space, we will remain bound by the gravitational pull from the infinite plane beneath.

Yet whilst it is not possible to reach the Moon, the experience of approach is very real and, whilst on the one hand frustrating, on the other a divine serenade of a dance for those who wish to touch it… unto the point of unimaginably sweet divinity.

For as you approach the Moon, with gentleness it will begin to wax and wane, ever so slightly, thence you will feel it take your hand as it beckons you to its call, yet whilst at the same moment it will mysteriously begin to step away. As you pursue its path and begin to lose compass bearing, the Moon will appear to have been moving mutually, yet most peacefully, in correspondence with your own vessel, until after some while it will escape your reach and present itself in majestic glory, as it doth magically set upon the horizon.

During its setting, the Sun will begin to emerge from the other perspective, sanctifying the passing of one guardian to the next, just as you would witness on Earth. This is The Temporal Covenant’s requiem, for wherever thou doth witness the Communion of the Earth, thou doth witness the sacred requiem of dawn unto dusk, and of dusk unto dawn.

As you return to the Earth’s infinite plane, depending how far you have travelled, how much duration and time with the Moon you have spent, and indeed whereupon the ground you return, the sky will present itself according only to five dimensional astronomical observation. That is to say, whilst the journey described here would require a complete day to fulfil, it is nearly impossible to judge how the sky will appear without undertaking the journey oneself.

The same beautifully awe-inspiring behaviour, or phenomena, including the sacred requiem of passing days, would also be witnessed and experienced in a similar way, during an outerplane encounter with the Sun.

This here described art The Temporal Covenant of the outer Heavens.

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{¥} Further Scientific Descriptions

Inevitably a new and different scientific model of our universe prompts further explanation of commonly accepted observations.

I will now detail some of those in relation to the laws of ∞ ¥ = .

{~} Map Of The World

Infinite Szion Plane Standard Tetrapolar Map Of The World
∞ ¥ = Standard Tetrapolar Map Of The World
Our map of the known world, according to ∞ ¥ =, elaborates upon the standard Flat Earth map, yet establishing a tetrahedral nature to what we commonly refer to as “the poles”.

A tetrahedron, also known as a triangular pyramid, is a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, six straight edges, and four vertex corners. It is these four vertex corners that claim home to the Earth’s poles. That is to say, Earth has not only two poles of a North and a South orientation, but in fact the true nature of our Earth’s poles is a multiple factor, sometimes shifting and sometimes alternating.

The poles of the Earth are actually laid out infinitely, in a tetrahedral gridlike pattern, allowing for climatic Szion ambiguities here and there.

Thus the land masses of warmer climates are likewise tetrahedrally gridlike and therewith infinite in relation to their colder counter parts.

The standard Flat Earth map depicts Antarctica as an enormous wall of ice surrounding a finite disc of land and sea. In reality, this would become more accurate if the wall were to be portrayed as segmented into three distinct regions.

Thus the South pole is actually three poles, not one, covering three of the four vertex regions, named B Tet, C Tet and D Tet, whereby the Arctic North pole remains standing true, as A Tet.

The precise geography or existence of any land masses situated at these vertexes is not known for sure, but they are imaginatively portrayed on the Szion World Map as representative of the scientific model and in anticipation of their perceived eventual expected discovery.

It is somewhat premature to assume the true shape of Antarctica to be an ice wall surrounding our worldly region, since this has not been proven or accepted as provable. What does stand the test of time however, is that at least one land mass situated at at least one of these vertexes is that of the historically documented Antarctica.

To cite evidence for this, I point a finger towards the famous Piri Reis map.

Piri Reis Map
Piri Reis Map features cartography impossibly advanced for its time, when accepting the standard scientific model of our world.
In 1929, a group of historians found an amazing map drawn on a gazelle skin. Research showed that it was a genuine document drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis, a famous admiral of the Turkish fleet in the sixteenth century. Piri Reis compiled and copied the data from a large number of source maps, some of which dated back to the fourth century BC or earlier.

Yet what is overwhelmingly astounding about this artifact, is that not only does it show the continents in exquisite detail before mankind had even the technology to be so accurate, but that it shows the coastline of Antarctica 300 years before it had even been discovered and before it had ever been covered in ice!

As a momentary case in point, the mere existence of the Piri Reis map proves without a shadow of a doubt, that there have been more civilisations in antiquity than we are taught, and indeed thence of whom harboured a scientific genius rivalling our own… and so why not of undiscovered continents?

No doubt a wondrous mystery all of its own that cannot be ignored, even by both Round Earth and Flat Earth societies.

Thus it is a most likely eventuality that we will one day confirm Antarctica, or at least its expected shape, as part of a segmented series of larger multiple continents, around and about our known world, in somewhat its expected geographical nature, beginning with a land mass near or in proximity to the lower tip of the Americas.

Just like the North pole however, any continents here residing at these vertexes extend beyond merely the tetrahedral line, thus some parts are warmer than others, as like parts of Canada are warmer than their more Northern regions.

Yet these are not “poles” in the conventional sense, and whilst presenting a mechanism between cold and warm climates, they may work differently according to other unknown Szion mechanics. Indeed their precise geographical patterns may even vary perhaps if and when influenced by Szion phenomena.

In any case, the tetrahedral model portrays the world as designed by our creator, varying with cold and warm regions throughout an infinite plane.

Only further exploration can determine the true nature, composition and appearance of these unchartered regions.

Beyond these three regions, even therefore indeed hidden amongst them, it is thence a given that we will eventually find the existence of many other warm and tropical lands, bountiful paradises, majestic and enchanting, for as far as the eye… or indeed a bird, can see.

World without end… God bless.

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{~} The Moon

The Moon doth not have an absolute scientifically determinable size or dimension, since its presence about our world transcends all time and space. It is unto us only measurable as an apparition, as so too is the Sun, only knowable as we perceive it from the Earth.

The Moon is not a satellite of a spherical planet, but a heavenly companion to our eternally sacred world. It waxes and wanes, not purely from an astronomical perspective, but from a temporal covenant with all the Heavens.

It is a sacred guardian of the night, not a mere ball of rock hurtling through empty space. It is protected by the Szion sphere and cannot be touched by mankind.

Thus it shall never be destroyed by impure hands.

All lunar phases are predominantly the result of Szion, whereby light is absorbed and reflected through fluctuating gravitational fields. That is to say the predominant cause art not the Earth’s shadow, but the fact that light does not actually reach the Moon. The Szion Sphere creates a phenomena called Gravitational Arches, which in turn bend the light around the Moon, presenting the apparition of a shadow.

To understand more about lunar phases, please read The Szion Sphere chapter where this is explained.

Here now, I will detail its composition.

If you look closely at the Moon through a telescope you will notice that many if not most “craters” are actually hexagonal, that is to say six sided in shape. In fact if you look long and hard enough, you will realise it is actually quite difficult to identify perfectly circular craters.

This is because there aren’t any craters on the Moon. At least, not as many as impure globalist scientists would have you believe. Most of the “circular” craters are actually formed by erosion.

The Moon is in fact, a geologically active honeycomb, spherical in shape and a poet unto the Heavens.

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{~} The Sun

The Sun doth not have an absolute scientifically determinable size or dimension, since its presence about our world transcends all time and space. It is unto us only measurable as an apparition, as so too is the Moon, only knowable as we perceive it from the Earth.

The Sun is as universally observed, a fiery sphere in the sky, projecting warmth and light unto our world.

Due to the Szion Sphere however, not all light or heat travels through our planar existence, hence the illusion of a setting Sun sans the underlighting of clouds.

Similarly once the Sun’s light has left its source and travels through the Szion Sphere, it leaves its original domain and enters our alternate dimension.

The Sun we observe is thence in fact only a five dimensional image of its past state of existence. Its present state of existence continues to orbit our world outside the Szion sphere, but cannot be relevantly predicted through our lesser dimensional methods.

This is why the Sun appears to travel through the ground of our infinite plane when in fact it is nowhere near it. Likewise, the same rule applies in regards to the Moon.

Yet the Szion Sphere effects our perception of the Sun even more than this, albeit subtly.

Szion Gravitational Arches, which determine Lunar Phases, also have an influence on the perceived behaviour of the Sun, yet because the Sun emits light and heat, as opposed to reflecting light and heat, we do not notice these fluctuations as easily as we can whence observing the Moon.

Also the Sun is, within an apparitional perception, much further away than the Moon, and also much greater in perceived eventual size, although, whilst a contributary variable, in actuality their true dimensions are expected to be identical.

Nevertheless, Szion Gravitational Arches are the explanation for a fluctuating radiance of both heat and light whence daily atmospheric conditions appear to remain unchanged.

Finally, the ever changing behaviour of seasons, their differing periodicity or character and indeed the general improbability of a meteorologist forecasting the weather accurately, are all things resulting from the influence of Szion.

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{~} Giant Craters

Giant craters found in places like Arizona, which institutional science claims killed off the dinosaurs, including indeed many others like it, were not actually caused by enormous asteroids colliding with the Earth.

Thrice I will reiterate, there have been more continents written about in antiquity than there have been prophets who ruled the world. Likewise this serves as a truth in regards to ancient civilisations in general.

There have been many unexplained artefacts discovered relating to ancient civilisations which many people believe to be the evidence of extraterrestrial intervention in their evolution.

Extraterrestrials are not an outer Heavenly aspect of my religion or teachings, yet they are a planar Earthly aspect of my religion and teachings. In that there have been many civilisations to rise and fall throughout antiquity, and throughout the eternal plane of our world.

These ancient civilisations, just like ourselves, make scientific discoveries, some moreso even than our own, discoveries of which many bring them peace… or bring them war.

We marvel at the great Pyramids yet we fail to see these footprints from an alternative, or even Szion perspective.

Thus the giant craters of places like Arizona, are if not miscellaneous gigantic ancient excavations, actually the footprint of tremendous explosions caused not from outerspace, but by the very scientists of their times, during conflict and war.

Indeed perhaps, similar craters may be caused likewise by other peoples of antiquity, if not during conflict, then as a result of their untimely mistakes of impure science.

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{~} Gravity

I have already explained zero gravity in the section titled “The Communion”, yet there is much more down to Earth phenomena to consider and investigate whence dealing with an infinite plane.

We do not notice Szion Gravitational Arches when walking about the Earth, yet this is because we are either in direct contact with or in close proximity to the mostly uniform mass of our infinite plane.

Yet there are anomalies, indeed the Bermuda Triangle may be one, although Sziontists suspect this may actually be a phenomena of tetrahedral pole movements.

Gravity, like a rainbow, is also subject to the Szion phenomena, in that its observable nature through four dimensional science is only an apparition in practice, whereby founded subtleties of varying degrees suggest a five dimensional characteristic.

These of which I will provide two examples, are rarely observable in the real world, but under certain conditions can even be a most personal discovery.

If the world were a sphere of finite size, it would harbour a center of mass and a uniformity of gravitational pull.

If the world were an infinite plane, it would not harbour a center of mass nor a uniformity of gravitational pull.

Indeed our world for the most part does present a uniformity of gravity, but thus, since there is no center of mass we can presume that its gravitational nature may be non uniform in places.

Water is one such place.

Szion is mostly only observable through perspective of mechanics. That is to say personal experience must be employed to decide if a scientific study convinces.

Water has a different mass and behaviour than solid ground. Even more so whence applied to five dimensional physics. Thus when the observer is experiencing Szion, measurements recorded with scientific instruments will be doubted.

One: Water

The first practical example then, is to walk freely about the decking of a ship, whence the waters are calm.

Oftentimes people express this experience quietly with glancing sincerity, yet it is very true that when walking about a ship in calm waters, one feels lighter on their feet than they do on land, as if they have lost weight.

This cannot be credited solely to a feeling of buoyancy, since the water in this example is motionless, gravity will continue to work by its own laws, and furthermore, a ship is a very big structure with a firmly secure footprint.

This is instead the result of a weaker gravitational pull caused by fluctuations between the character of water within a five dimensional domain.

Indeed, throughout history people have spoken of times whence they felt lighter, or even heavier, collectively and bordering beyond coincidence, laughing it away as a miracle or mere phenomena of life. Even on solid ground.

Aye, love doth uplift us, it brings us heavenly freedom and sadness doth weigh us down, but whence these feelings are for scientific argument, not a presently deciding variable, a five dimensional hypothesis may be assumed.

Two: Gyroscopes

The second practical example then, is the communal behaviour of two gyroscopes.

The humble Gyroscope is in fact an accurate representation of our astronomically described place in the universe. Whilst the Earth doth not “spin” in realistic terms, the disc of the Gyroscope does represent our infinite planar, its floral diamond openings the apparitional passings of the Sun and Moon, and indeed its spherical embracement each their metaphysically portrayed orbits about The Szion Sphere.

Whilst this peculiar scientific instrument has been employed in numerous applications since its invention in 1852, the gyroscope has remained an item of mystery and wonder, so much so that although it is understood in principle, scientists continue to express puzzlement at its seeming independence from established laws.

When gyroscopes are orientated specifically, or especially commune in particular ways, they appear to defy the laws of physics, according to the established understanding of gravity.

Szion is actually responsible for the following anomaly in gyroscopic behaviour.

First spin one gyroscope transverse, as such upon its wheeled side, so its north and south axis are horizontal.

Next spin a second gyroscope as per usual, as such upon its pillar, so its north and south axis face vertically.

Now, whilst they are both spinning, take the upright gyroscope and attempt to stand it vertically upon the very end of the other’s horizontal axis.

As you attempt to hold it in contact with the other, you will feel its weight instantly interfere with the other’s balance and orientation. So much so that you know letting go would obviously send both gyroscopes crashing across the table.

Yet a miracle now to behold.

For if you ACTUALLY DO let go, instead the horizontal gyroscope will RAISE its arm to COUNTER the weight, maintaining orientation as the vertical gyroscope inexplicably pirroettes upon the very end of both their meeting points.

They will miraculously dance together as like two heavenly ballerinas in perfect harmonious synchrony.

This proves a gravitational anomaly that identifies non uniformity whence influential factors of Szion are in play.

For if you had not taken your hand away, the meeting of the two gyroscopes would have only been a disaster. It was thence your gravitationally bound hand that disturbed the attempted creation of an antigravitational vortex.

Once you actually released the gyroscope, indeed with a leap of faith, a paradoxically opposite eventuality unfolded, as the creation of a vortex took place.

Szion, in your hand.

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{~} Satellites

Orthodox flat earth beliefs do not acknowledge the existence of satellites. ∞ ¥ = does acknowledge their existence, but only to a degree.

Satellites which may or may not exist do not orbit a spheroid Earth, they sit stationary above an area of the planar, somewhat akin to geostationary orbit. However, since zero gravity is only a periodic phenomena of a Szion spacetime anomaly, satellites mostly stay in outer space by free floating on a region of atmosphere beyond the stratosphere and, much like a bird would need to employ its wings, they must increase altitude by means of solar powered thrusters. They are very lightweight and constructed very differently to that which institutional science may portray.

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{~} Witnessing Curvature

Mysterious Islands Materialise Out Of Nowhere
Mysterious Islands Materialise Out Of Nowhere
There are a handful of phenomena which present the apparition of directly witnessable curvature. One of these, perhaps the most cited evidence for a spherical Earth, is that of manmade structures spanning an entire stretch of water for a great enough distance that they appear to become curved.

As I am about to explain through the availability of scientific evidence, this is actually an ocular apparition of Szion, whereby gravity and light are bent by their fluctuation of mass within a five dimensional domain.

Firstly, there are many phenomena which directly contradict these observations as evidence of curvature. One of these is that of gigantic floating islands materialising out of nowhere on the horizon. These are direct evidence of Szion and the misinterpretation of five dimensional observation into three dimensional inaccuracy. A manmade structure may be photographable, but so is a mirage of an island. The mysterious islands are not just a mirage of the human senses, but photographically recordable artefacts presentable in court. Thus, if a mirage of a rocky island on the horizon of an ocean can be photographed, then so can a mirage of a spherical Earth.

Secondly, architects and engineers are never required to account for the Earth’s curvature when undertaking these massive construction projects. If they are not required to calculate the curve itself… then the curve does not actually exist.

Thirdly, natural perspective itself is well known to cause apparitions, hence artists employ techniques to exploit these ocular sensations in their work. Thus enormous constructions like these and others may harbour characteristics in their design which amplify already existing perspective phenomena, indeed such as Szion itself.

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{~} Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars are, with wholehearted sincerity, exactly what they appear to be, Shooting Stars.

Granted, our Earth doth embrace a handful of stellar companions, of which beautiful and sometimes periodic phenomena, much like “meteor showers” for a term, may be witnessed.

Yet in truth I tell you, as like the miraculous passings of the Sun and Moon, whence setting peacefully and whence rising peacefully, the Heavens above do not harbour anything of a threat to our existence.

Thus, aside from these phenomena, Shooting Stars, whence observed as independent crystaline streaks in the sky, who’s voyaging conveys a message of hope, art indeed the spectacular transcendental transpositioning of a star.

They are a result of fluctuating gravitational fields within the Szion lense, produced when the rippled underside of the Earth’s cockle like Shell creates an arching nexus at the meeting point of its lips.

The viewable Stars in the sky above are the same as those beneath us, presented through a five dimensionally spherical lense.

These ripples of our Seashell likewise have an influence on the apparitional variable mass of the Earth whence transposed into a five dimensional domain. Thus in turn they create momentary Szion Gravitational Arches within the five dimensional occulation of the universe, as it is presented above and below our infinite planar.

Thus as these momentary gravitational arches are created, Stars from beneath our plane caught within the rippling of the viewing window, appear to wander at fantastic speed above us as they contradict lesser dimensional astrophysics, and as such, to “shoot across the sky”, whence in reality they remain underside having not moved from their true Szion positions.

The rear clam shelf of our Earth’s Seashell also indeed produces an influencial occular movement about the Heavens and this may serve as an explanation for other various unknown phenomena.

Yet the reason we do not witness the whole cosmos fluctuating in this manner is because, firstly the linear nexus created of our Seashell art only a partial segment of the relatively viewable Heavens, and secondly for the most part all of SpaceTime appears to stand still.

For when we witness a shooting star what we are actually observing is a memory of its entire existence, from its birth, through its shining life, right up to its final spectacular days in the Heavens, all caught within a glimpse of God’s eternal eye.

Only whence such a glimpse into an eternal cycle of birth, life and death, art truly captured of our Seashell, does a Star then appear to travel through the Heavens with majestic grace.

Perhaps then, a star worth wishing on.

God bless.

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{¥} Index Of Terminology

Gravitational Arches: Due to The Szion Sphere’s five dimensional realm of influence, these are periodic patches in outer space of zero or even fluctuating gravity, forming in the shape of magnificent arches above our infinite plane, and which are caused by anomalous apparitions of varying planar mass whence the Szion orbits of the Sun and Moon contradict three or four dimensional physics.

Gyroscope: The humble Gyroscope is in fact an accurate representation of our astronomically described place in the universe. Whilst the Earth doth not “spin” in realistic terms, the disc of the Gyroscope does represent our infinite planar, its floral diamond openings the apparitional passings of the Sun and Moon, and indeed its spherical embracement each their metaphysically portrayed orbits about The Szion Sphere.

Philoscientific: Philosophically determined scientific appraisal.

Planar Earth: As opposed to “planet”, the essentially flat and infinite plane of our world.

Szion or ¥: The principle of four dimensional astrophysics being only apparitional in practice, whereby founded subtleties of varying degrees prompt resigning observations unto a greater five dimensional science, initiated through the divinity of God.

Szion Sphere: A five dimensional bubble of astronomical transcendental influence, instructing the orbital mechanics of the Sun and Moon about our infinite plane, thus commanding the behaviour of light, gravity and time unto a harmonious balance of all time and space.

Sziontist: A scientist who pursues Szion concepts.

Terraterrorism: The doctrine of belief that we are all living on a little fragile ball, spinning perilously through unchartered and unpredictable space, where the sun violently flares out against us, asteroids, meteors, comets and debris appear out of nowhere bashing us continuously to death, stars the size of solar systems explode at the speed of light, dark energies and dark objects surround our neighbourhood, including enormous black holes that will one day suck us all in, whereby we are told our Moon is a logical portrayal of our everyday worthlessness, and whereby we are ever increasingly aware of apocalyptic scenarios which may or may not involve invasion, abduction and enslavement by an overwhelmingly advanced alien race.

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{¥} Further Reading

200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball

The Flat Earth Society

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Infinite Szion Plane is © Simon Edward Jepps

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