Sax In My Pocket

Pocket sax jeppsOriginally a lounge Pianist, yet forever intimidated by its inconvenience of size, expense and formality, I found myself in a passionate love affair with a new instrument.

Invented in 1972 by Brian Wittman, a Hawaiian musician, guru and gentleman, the Xaphoon®, more popularly known as The Pocket Sax, is a Trumpet sized Saxophone, that not only fits in your pocket, but whence the dedication and mutual embrace is spoken, will turn your mind inside out as it screams the blue soul of a real Saxophonist.

There are other similar products on the market, yet make no mistake, the Xaphoon is to the Saxophonist, as authentic as a Hohner to the Blues Harpist.

Likewise, there are many amateurs learning to play and even professionals trying to adapt, yet of whom cannot quite place their tongue on the sacred nectar that is so truthfully the Xaphoon’s divine purpose.

It took me many years, indeed a “love-hate” relationship, but the undying promise that is the Pocket Sax’s weeping heart, carried me in its own arms unto the final battle with fate.

The Pocket Sax, make no mistake, is without doubt a professional instrument ~ and yes, it will play anything and however you desire it to. All it asks of you is the patience to understand its soul… and then will it to do so.

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Sax In My Pocket

    1. They are relatively cheap for what you can create from it, given the time and study. Depending where you buy, somewhere in the range of £50-£80/$65-$100/€60-€90. If in US I recommend buying direct from … If in Europe I recommend … be gentle. 😉

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      1. I haven’t researched Canada, but personally, to be sure of receiving an original, I’d sit out the transit time and buy direct. Besides, will ship you one signed in bamboo for a few extra dollars.


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