KEYTOY {Melodica/Pianica/Melodion}

Jepps Keytoy Hohner Superforce 37
This all black Keytoy is the superior Hohner Superforce 37. I own more than one of these, for spare parts and for the security of a decent instrument. Both sweet and powerful, in my opinion, the SF37 is the best reasonably priced professional Keytoy on the market.
Here’s an illusive little known wonder ~ the Melodica.

Call it what you will, what I call the Keytoy is actually a divine messenger of God, born from the heart of a Child.

Once upon a time the Melodica was only found in toy stores, or fairly selective music shops. It was by no means seen to be a professional instrument, not in any way.

It was however embraced rapidly by the Reggae communities and in time became a hallmark of their music.

It was here and then whence stage pianists became interested in the possibility of a more academically encompassing Melodica, with a greater scope for novelty accompaniments and indeed teaching.

Once the guys at Hohner became aware of the interest, they set themselves a little side project, just to test the waters… of a performance grade Melodica.

Hohner released a couple of these “scouts” onto the market… they watched… and waited… looking for any sign of a cultural rustling.

And when it came… it came from the top.

Famous or well known Jazz pianists were slowly turning their eyes to this gentle, yet powerful reed instrument, as if the most powerful woman in the world had just quietly strolled in.

Gradually it was becoming a dish between meals, on stage, as the forefront middle eight solo performance.

Hohner had it… and now the world was watching.

No sooner than you could feel Miles Davis’ Autumn Leaves falling all about you, giant names in music, such as Suzuki, were also getting on board the Melodica rocketship.

The Melodica is a wind~reed instrument, constructed much like a Harmonica, but played like a Keyboard.

Professional grade Melodicas are extremely responsive and produce a variety of tones, from gently sweet Accordian expressions to powerfully accurate Saxophone ballads.

Yet a miracle be it known, for without a shadow of doubt, this instrument was born from the womb of Music’s own calling… as it made its own righteous way from the good hands of a Child, onto the world stage.

It spoke. It was heard. It was enthroned.

Pianists all over the world were finding a way out of the formal restrictions of stage piano. They were experiencing a freedom of a new unrestrained expression, an ability to bring the sweetness of wind unto the grace of their melodies… and to actually walk amongst those Autumn Leaves as they played.

And it’s not just the Jazz scene.

In fact the Keytoy is perhaps one of the most adaptable instruments ever invented. It would actually be a challenge to find a single piece of music, let alone an entire genre, where the Keytoy would not be invited to a lead role.

We are now well into the 21st century and many Melodica type instruments are reaching super professional prices of many hundreds of pounds.

Yet the term “Melodica” is actually a patented name by Hohner, and as such any other manufacturer of the instrument must call their product something else. This leaves us an open social opportunity to create an officially recognised name for the instrument.

Hereby pronounced “kee-toy”, this most underrated instrument of immense possibilities, should, in respect of all the children of the world whoever played one and whom created a magical womb of time in their own homes, should be called righteously what it is.

… I say we call it the Keytoy.

Thank you Children.

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