The Country Of Cornissia

The Country Of Cornissia
The proposed name by YllwChlk for the independent country, declared formerly the South West counties of England.
South West independence is not a pipe dream. Far from it.

In fact, whilst not mentioned or discussed in the media to any great detail, it is nevertheless talked about in the towns, the parks and indeed on the streets of this great region.

The region here highlighted on the map, is the entire South West and if you do some research, you will discover that this region like many other devolved regions, such as Scotland and Wales, has its own language, its own culture, is historically Celtic by nature, identifies entirely as a separate people from London and is completely unique in its own sovereignty.

YllwChlk has called it Cornissia because historically, the region of Cornwall was itself a truly sovereign state with its own autonomous infrastructure and so politically, it would be sensible to allow Cornwall administrative domain of the entire South West.

Pronounced “cor-nis-sha”, thus differentiating the Cornish as specifically the people of Cornwall and Cornissians as the greater population of Cornissia, its name sings a beauty like the sun upon the seas, a silhouette of a sail and the crushing waves upon a scone coloured coast, as the enchanting lights of Truro begin to dance upon the dusk brushed sky.

In fact once upon a time, Cornwall was its own country and has itself suffered the many pains of foreign rule. Just like Scotland. Just like Wales. Just like Ireland. Just like…. India… China… erm… well, you get the idea.

Today, the undying Celtic heart of the South West and indeed also of the rest of Britain, is beginning to raise its voice.

Arguments amounting, not least to say the feeling of being brushed under the carpet or trampled upon by big government politics and being used like all other culturally rich regions to promote a London centric culture… it has become the modern norm and times, to now oppose the unwelcome rulers of Celtic lands.

Then there is the mass corruption, rifely associated with big governments and the good remedy of such evil through the creation of smaller independent powers.

From the mountainous historic child sex abuse cover ups, to the invasion of middle east lands, indeed discrimination of the poorly on a scale of crimes against humanity, MPs snorting cocaine with our hard earned money, and the constant towering of snobbery which has forever been diseasing our democracy… we have had enough.

Republicanism is also very, very real. If not the reluctant submission to an unelected ruler, it’s the claiming of poverty grants by a very unwelcome monarch and the constant pompus media coverage of a camera centric family who only shy away to boost the attention and whom have nothing whatsoever in common with those who pay their bills.

For modern times they are a’ changing.

Brexit, the British Exit from the European Union, has not only fanned the flames of independence for Scotland and for Wales, but for at least two other regions.

One is Yorkshire and the other… is Cornwall.

Politics in Cornwall is hotting up and historical parties such as Mebyon Kernow, whom once held firm a fight for independence, are beginning to rekindle those affirmations and beliefs.

At least, the sentiment is certainly stirring in the background, as they watch, wait and see… what Scotland and what Wales, does next.

Here then we have a beautiful beginning of something, which although collective and sporadic, is gradually becoming affirmed, channelled and focussed.

And this brings me to the purpose of my post.

Who decides the boundaries? Who decides the Capital? Who decides the Name? I guess someone’s got to make a suggestion, so why not I?

Indeed then, I think I will do.

If the South West counties of England were to collectively declare independence, they would require a Capital. Since the region of Cornwall already harbours the historic infrastructure of independence, the torch of leadership might well be handed to Truro, the region’s own former Capital.

Of course, Bristol would be better placed, in many ways, such as geographically, commercially, politically and indeed financially, since it already circulates its own currency, the Bristol Pound.

Yet let’s face it, Bristol might have a great port and trade route, but its congestion problems would only quadruple over night, bringing the city to a standstill.


An idea of my own I once had, was to join Bristol and the land between with Bath, to create one giant Capital.

Why? Well not only would the two joined cities form a powerful infrastructure, but since the land between them would be developable, Bristol’s congestion problems would be eradicated once and for all by its new found agility to spread out amongst the landscape, thus decentralizing its own overcrowding, by releasing it unto the new middle ground now founded between itself and Bath.

It’s name, Bristol-Bath, the Capital of Cornissia.

That said, I only mention Bristol as an acknowledgement of other possibilities or places, where Cornwall could reassign its own headquarters.

Realistically, not only is Bristol-Bath far too close to London for comfort, comparatively, but we only have to look to other small countries to realise that size does not have any negative influence on a Capital or Country’s ability to self govern.

Far from it. In fact statistically speaking, as I am sure Nicola Sturgeon would concur, smaller Countries are actually more stable, lucrative, efficient and indeed peaceful, than their “superpower” rivals.

So without further ado… unto Truro.

I do wholeheartedly adore the idea of Truro as Capital. After all, if it is Cornwall’s sacred claim to the torch which should be honoured, and it is Cornwall where the heart of independence rages the most, then we should also honour its Capital. They have been here before, I am sure they can do it again.

Just because other South West cities might harbour a more profoundly modern framework for home rule, doesn’t mean we should assume Truro to be a lesser contender. In fact the independence of Cornwall would bring Truro its own supercommerce over night, more or less. Thus giving it the ability to develop and expand.

Besides, I just think it rings better historically, emotionally and erm… phonetically.

In any case, wherever this journey takes us, one thing is for sure.

I am willing to bet this very WordPress post, that in the coming few years, both Scotland and Wales will declare independence and that when they do…

Cornissia will too.

Further reading…

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