The Flag Of Cornissia

Flag Of Cornissia
Flag Of Cornissia
YllwChlk is proud to present the design for a Cornissian flag, following the recent decision to pursue the promotion of South West independence.

Flag design is always a fascinating subject and I myself have often spent many hours browsing through all the nation flags of the world, amazed and inspired by their seemingly abstract self portraits of cultural identity.

Which is what a flag is, I suppose.

Here then the Flag Of Cornissia attempts to convey the same announcement of cultural identity.

The lower left corner displays the Celtic Dragon, yet coloured yellow to embrace the peaceful spirit and sunny character of our Southern Celtic identity.

Flag Of Cornwall
Flag Of Cornwall
The flag is actually a warm blending of the two primary regional flags, Cornwall and the Isles Of Scilly.

The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago off the southwestern tip of Cornwall. Since Scilly forms part of the ceremonial county of Cornwall, it would be most appropriate to include the stars of their own flag within the Cornissian flag.

Flag Of Scilly Isles
Flag Of Scilly Isles
As mentioned it is a “warm” blending, as such the colours have been recomposed and distributed in a way that embraces all the elements of both local flags, yet also to embrace the greater Celtic spirit at large, into a wholesome unified composition.

The desired portrait is that of a passionate and peaceful Country, confident and proud of their identity, of their democratic aspirations and of their righteous political standing unto the world stage.

The Country Of Cornissia is the proposed unification of all former South West Counties of England unto the one government of Truro, Cornwall.

Cornissia is a republic.

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