Britannia Vs Celtainia ~ The Resurrection Of A Sacred Dragon ~ Colonialism Vs Pancelticism

Britannia Vs Celtainia
The Lands Of The Celts
‘Brainwashing’ is a word of conditioning in itself, suggesting the cleansing of minds… perhaps we should call it ‘Brainmucking’ instead.

Indeed the English language is a mysterious thing and a quirky item at that.

No place like Nossex, eh? Honestly, some people should cut back on ‘country‘.

Seriously, it is a fact that we Celts have been under occupation for hundreds of years. As you can see from the map here, the majority of Britain is actually Celtic land.

Another brainwashing term is ‘Celtic fringes’. This term is used to present the illusion that the majority of Britain is English. This blatant lie could not be further from the truth.

For the lands of the Celts are extensive and, whilst not shown on this map, as an identity of people, also spread into South West England and elsewhere.

Aye, some may argue that ‘Celts’ are not a race, but just that, an ‘identity’ and yet, whatever science you may wish to include with that claim, even if it were true, you still then have to face the fact that the majority of Britain is still nevertheless… Celtic.

For our identity is founded on community and culture, not consumerism and power.

We are a people dating back so long and with so much spiritual belonging that our ancestors themselves are the very founders of what the English would dare call ‘society’.

Yet our cultures and ways are picked and pocketted, exploited and used, to promote a London centric kingdom of ‘Englishness’. A London centric machine of capitalism and austerity. A London centric blanketting of all that is unique and fragile unto a genocide of history itself.

Whilst all the while, suppressing our intellect, oppressing our rights, restricting our economies and eroding our very identity.

First they invade. Next they colonise. Then they condition.

As has always been their way, into the Americas, India, China… in fact here is an interesting tale, highlighting the very illusion of “choice”.

When they went into Australia, they said to the Aboriginals:

Look, this is not a dictatorship, you have a choice. You can vote for this white man, that white man, this white man, or this very well dressed and unusually happy looking black man.

Aye, indeed today what is Australia? A grid lock of urbanisation and pimped up surf boarders. Whatever happened to Crocodile Dundee?

Here then, we see how the true meaning and true identity of people is ‘washed’ away, into a trinket cupboard of antiques and curiosities, of long lost ancient worlds rich in the beauty and magic of all that is real… all that is sacred… all that is mystical… all that is truth.

Pan Celtic Flag
Pan Celtic Flag
Today, the voice of all Celtic hearts cries in unison, yearning for its motherland, for the beauty of its people, for the magic of their crafts, for the resurrection of their sacred spirit… for the majestic raging fire of a once holy dragon… unto their rightful claim of independence.

This is our land. It always has been. It always will be. This is Celtainia.

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2 thoughts on “Britannia Vs Celtainia ~ The Resurrection Of A Sacred Dragon ~ Colonialism Vs Pancelticism

  1. I’ve finally found my motherland and it’s not down under. Grandfather Paddy was born and raised in Killough, Celtania. However I feel I have to say that my true nationality is humankind. Don’t want to be too patriotic and declare we’re better than anyone else.
    Ch SD

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