British Institutional Disregard For Children ~ Panceltic & Cornissian Independence

Flag Of Cornissia
Flag Of Cornissia
Whilst all attempts were probably made by entities within the media and even government, to restrict or marginalise coverage of the British institutional, historic child sex abuse epidemic, which has been diseasing our nation for decades, if not centuries… the truth doth not kneel to anyone.

As mentioned throughout this blog regarding Cornissian and Panceltic independence, there are many good blessings of becoming a smaller country.

Aside from the positive statistics of economy, stability, well being, good prosperity and utmost peace to other nations, there is the good and righteous stand against the corruption of Big Government.

The Panceltic movement, at its heart, would ideally bring about the independence of all Celtic nations. Namely, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Cornwall.

Doing so, amongst many other political reasons, would finally destroy the corrupt and perverse iron claw of one immoral regime, from reigning over all our peaceful homelands.

Panceltic Flag
Panceltic Flag
The blog you are reading publishes articles relating to Pancelticism and Cornissian Independence.

This blog post serves as an official record of the mountainous news articles relating to British Institutional Disregard For Children and the attempted cover up by various official departments or entities within the UK establishment.

Please note much of the information detailed here is beyond the realms of civil acceptance. Furthermore these are only in reality a mere tiny handful of articles, compared to the truer whole picture.

This whole picture, which is still to this day being pieced together by experts, may eventually date back to before records even began.

Record Of Articles

Britain is fogged by an institutional paedophilia crisis, the establishment on all levels is diseased. As will be documented below, the historic child sex abuse crisis amongst corrupt British institutions, has officially been declared a national epidemic.

The revelations of historic child sex abuse, even within establishments and its cover up amongst institutions, the ongoing crisis of even today’s shocking child sex abuse figures and the ongoing failings of a government to ensure justice is delivered, means Panceltic independence is the only solution to tackle an overly powerful singular Big Brother Government.

It is a fact that at least 1 in 4 young adults have been sexually abused as a child and at least 1 in 6 children have or are currently being sexually abused.

Child sexual abuse statistics are not easily obtainable and there should be much more clarity, especially regarding historic cover ups.

However this blog will publish what is available, which in addition to the figures of 1/4 & 1/6, include information pointing to the multitude of historic abuse cases dating back decades… all in all, a solid case proving that, a “United Kingdom”, is no longer a morally defendable form of governance.

It is only since the recent discoveries of high profile paedophiles, such as Jimmy Savile of the BBC, which has led to a gigantic nationwide investigation into institutional paedophile rings and sexual corruption within all levels of UK establishments, including parliament.

Yet alas, even this would become a poorly funded and reluctantly administered department, with multiple resignations at the senior level.

Whence a country infested with a history of institutional disregard for children, eventually police whistleblowers and many other insiders, would soon begin to speak out.

Recent British schools curriculum legislation promotes the teaching of masturbation to children as young as six years old and is currently being taught in hundreds of schools.

Police say there are “just too many paedophiles to warrant arrest and prosecution…” meaning thousands will escape the criminal justice system.

According to government advisor Graham Wilmer, speaking in 2014, the historic child sex abuse crisis is now officially declared an epidemic, whereby at least as many as 11.6 million (18% of) citizens of the UK may have been sexually assaulted, a professional estimation based on prevalence rates published by the Government. Even today, further historic revelations mean this statistic is now rising rapidly and may stretch to 25% or more.

According to watchdog over 50% of British Police Force CHIEFS are accused of misconduct.

According to Labour MP John Mann, the UK state cannot handle the enormous number of child sex abuse victims. Sexual assault in hospitals has increased 50% by 2011 and patients in mental health wards are at most risk.

Parliament computers access pornographic material every 20 seconds, calculated at 300,000 times a year divided by avg. working day.

Education representatives believe children as young as 14 or even 12 should be taught the benefits of pornography.

Britain is amongst the top 10 countries for reported female rape alone, according to avg. stats sources such as Wikipedia.

British MPs passed 3-parent-babies law which legalizes DNA manipulation of babies, risking psycho-trauma and future of the human race.


This is only the tip of the iceberg regarding Britain’s horrific attitude towards children. From thousands of children going missing every year right out of the social care system, to the forced caesarean and forced adoption of visiting foreigner’s unborn babies.

Whether someone is mentally ill and unable to consent to medical procedure is one thing, but a forced caesarean on EVEN a British citizen is unprecedented, let alone an Italian woman merely visiting for two weeks…

Even on an astronomical scale…

The organisation Mars One intends to colonise Mars by the early 2020’s, with new born babies. They actually intend to procreate on the planet’s surface.

The implications of child mental abuse are astronomical, from being denied a normal childhood, or to aspire like a natural child, to ever step outside, listen to the birds, smell the sweet air or swim in a beautiful lake.

To live in the same claustrophobic prison your entire life, only to watch the ceiling get closer and closer to you as you grow.

To know your only chances of ever visiting Earth and walking like a human being, in normal gravity, depend on a rocket powered space craft that may or may not explode, run out of fuel, decompress or simply vanish into a radioactive abyss.

I actually emailed the NSPCC regarding this to ask if they would approach Mars One with an advisory of their wrong doing.

Instead they sent me an advisory, saying, “Look they get Martian cots, what’s the issue?”, or words to that effect, then asking me to stop contacting them about it.

Mars One, which is an internationally sought venture, thus raises eyebrows even higher, since it appears that very few people in the world, let alone Britain, feel there is any need for protest against the organisation.

Needless to say then, the public has been presented with an horrific crime deliberately in the light of righteous salvation, by none other than the very mainstream media we are supposed to trust.

Please help raise awareness about institutional disregard for children and the true implications of Mars One.

God bless Cornissia & God bless Celtainia.

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