Jengaagain By Simon Jepps
Jengaagain ~ The next evolution of Jenga
You thought Jenga was cool… now YllwChlk brings you Jengaagain!

After playing Jenga for many years I did nevertheless become rather tired of its limitations in design.

Oh I agree that its purpose is to bring a minimalistic forte of recreational entertainment into the home… but that was just it, the game was too basic.

Eventually, following a small tantrum involving a swooping arm and a very disappointed stuffed monkey on the other side of the room, I started about designing the next evolution of the game Jenga.

I experimented with many different kinds of constructions and building algorithms, even multiple towers and installations.

Yet in the end, I believe quite strongly, to have hit the jackpot.

So here it is… Jengaagain.

How To Play

Jengaagain By Simon Jepps
Jengaagain ~ Starting Block
Equipment: Two sets of Jenga
Bricks: 61
Players: Unlimited

The tower you see here is the new starting block, composed of sixty-one standard Jenga bricks. You will need to buy two sets of Jenga because there are not enough bricks in one pack for this game.

Yet as I will explain, the extra left over bricks from the second set are not necessarily waisted.

The tower is stacked in a pattern of 3, 3, 5, 3, 3, 5, 3, 3, 5, etc.

The layers of five bricks are each placed upon their long thinner sides, perfectly complimenting the square platform.

You will discover that stacking them in this manner means each layer of five will face a different direction each time the layer is formed.

If stacked correctly, the final top two layers will both be a set of three standard flats.

Jengaagain is played in exactly the same way as regular Jenga, except that each brick removed from the tower must be placed atop in the same way it would for that layer, as if to be continuing the algorithm of construction.

For example, the very first brick placed of each game would be positioned atop upon its long thinner side, as per one of the five of that next layer.

Infinite Creativity

Jenga Flowing Construct
Jenga Flowing Construct
Of course, how people play Jenga is not always set in stone, as Jengaagain itself demonstrates.

This game allows for a limitless number of tower constructions and furthermore, if you dare to go even further, you can salvage the extra bricks from your second pack to create even taller towers!

Thus, not only will you find this evolution of the game to allow endless realms of creative thinking, but in the event players lose their bearings, and forget which brick goes where, thence the great sacred algorithm of Jengaagain, may of course be bypassed…

… and hell, place ’em where you like!

Jenga ~ Wikipedia

Jengaagain © S. Jepps

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