The Grande Squire Of Celtainia

Grande Squire Of CeltainiaCornissia, like the other Celtic countries of these lands, would be a dear Republic. That is to say, a country without a Monarchy or King and Queen.

A republic is a form of government in which the country is considered a “public matter”, its laws decided by a process of democracy and is not ever to be the private property of an unelected or hereditory ruler. A republic is thus the opposing form of government to a monarchy and has therefore no monarch as head of state.

The problem with “Britain” is that it has been conditioned for centuries to admire the regular parading of an authoritative figure dressed in gold and rubies, yet who has no say in political matters only the declaration of war… and even though this tradition makes absolutely no democratic sense.

Brainwashing without a doubt, is plainly what is being paraded before your eyes when you see the Queen of England before you. Such a display of unearned, unnecessary wealth is arguably Serious Fraud whence presented with an unemployed honest citizen who would gladly do such duties himself for a regular wage.

Nay, nay, nay. What the people of these lands actually require is something called “creative thinking”.

Of course we should uphold a tradition of celebrating our country’s identity, but we should at least decide what that identity actually is in the first place, before galivanting ruby-clad dictators upon horseback through the streets of our cities.

I am sure a true Celt would rather celebrate a righteous democracy with parades of valour, than celebrate a monarchistic dictatorship with guns of gold.

Creating The Grande Squire

Since Celtainia would be composed of all Celtic countries as independent nations, they would indeed harbour their own form and style of governance.

It would then be touching and appropriate to have a representative of these Celtic Isles as a whole, to maintain the sentiment and fellowship of Panceltic unity, amidst our separate identities.

Should of course Englaend wish to join the Panceltic alliance, by abolishing their Monarchy, and embracing these Celtic Isles as their new cultural identity, in truth and in honour, then this person would of course represent Englaend also.

Englaend is a modern Celtic form of “Englaland“, the ancient name for England.

This person, who would in heart, reason and valour, be the good represenatitve of Celtainia, shall be thence called the Grande Squire.

The Grande Squire Of Celtainia would be a publicly elected individual, chosen through a traditional periodical vote, by the good people throughout all Celtainia.

The Grande Squire would serve Celtainia and all its Panceltic nations by standing as a representative of our unified peaceful identity.

The Grande Squire would have a say in politics, yet only as a mentor to individual governments or communities, and, aside from serving as a diplomatic statesperson, would uphold numerous other beneficial duties.

Duties Of The Grande Squire

To represent the nation at times of great celebration or deep sorrow, such as Christmas, Remembrance Day and so forth.

To stand as a political mentor to all Celtic governments and communities, through the offering of advice or opinion. The Grande Squire does not however make laws or policies.

To serve as a diplomat and statesperson for Celtainia, attending meetings and invitations with foreign leaders abroad.

To offer the eternal hand of Panceltic peace unto all Celtic armed forces, through friendly events and peaceful attendances.

To uphold absolute equality amongst all Celtic societies, by visiting communities, talking with real people and investigating the good practises of public establishments.

To protect the natural beauty and environment of Celtainia, its wildlife, forests and reserves through the development of preservation projects.

To maintain and defend the democratic republican rights of all Celtainia through the continued evaluation of all Celtic powers and to bring any evil unto light.

Residency & Dresscode

The Grande Squire Of Celtainia would be paid similar to, but no more than, a regular member of parliament.

The Grande Squire’s residence would be made at one primary location for each Celtic country, yet would take up only the quarters at his or her own country, unless of course travelling abroad.

This residency entitlement would consist of one purposefully sufficient house, allowing for no extravagancies, yet with the security of a guardsman posted at the door.

The Grande Squire Of Celtainia would be awarded an official Tricorn hat, featuring Panceltic adornements and decorations, and which would be worn whenever attending public places or meeting other persons of importance.

The Grande Squiress Of Celtainia is the title given to any female elected candidate for this duty. The Lady To The Grande Squire and Lord To The Grande Squiress are the appropriate titles given to the respective spouse of the present-day Grande Squire.

One Land, Many Squires

Whilst it would be most favourable as a token of Panceltic unity to have one Grande Squire of all Celtainia, it may of course be more reasonable to have an independent Squire for each country.

Yet, the purpose of this blog entry is to present, fundamentally, an alternative to monarchy, which would serve all our nations in a better, more fruitful way and paramountly, to ensure the continuum of righteousness in governance throughout all Celtic lands.

Nevertheless and hitherto… The Celtic Grande Squire.

Flag Of CornissiaRead more about the Country of Cornissia, the Panceltic independence movement and the YllwChlk political blogroll for these topics.

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