Panceltainia ~ The United Sovereign Nations & The Capital Of Stormont

Flag Of Panceltainia
The Flag Of Panceltainia is composed of the five shared colours of all Celtic nations embracing together the symbol of Panceltic unity and peace.

Herewith we proclaim with good will, with righteousness and with sacred belonging, the sovereign unity of all Celtic lands and the immortal undying creation of Panceltainia.

YllwChlk has blogged acutely to this day about Celtic independence from Englaend, specifically addressing the concept of South West autonomy under the rule of Truro, Cornwall and the Country of Cornissia.

Here then I would like to publish my own personally favoured political viewpoint of Pancelticism, and what, whilst it may seem a more radical stance on national unity, is grandly the most suitable answer to the ever growing dissident outlook of Englaesh rule.

Whilst this blog actively promotes Celtic independence, it is though more closely aligned with the Panceltic alternative longterm aspiration, to establish a “United States Of Celtic Lands”, as such the devotedly named, Panceltainia.

The difference between “Celtainia” and “Panceltainia” is that the first refers to The Celtic Isles as a group of entirely autonomous Independent Celtic Countries, whereas the latter described herein this article, refers to The Celtic Isles as a singular power of United Celtic Nations, harbouring only varying degrees of autonomy.

The geographical territory of this newly formed Country would indeed encompass most of Britain, including many associated islands, such as The Isle Of Man and the Scilly Isles.

Should of course Englaend wish to join the Panceltic alliance, by abolishing their Monarchy, and embracing these Celtic Isles as their new cultural identity, in truth and in honour, then this Country would of course encompass Englaend also.

Englaend is a modern Celtic form of “Englaland“, the ancient name for England.

Whence one undertakes a little bit of hard research, one will find it is not only the six primary Celtic nations who are pursuing independence, but such likeminded opinions stretch far and wide, including Yorkshire, the North of England and indeed much of the South West of England also.

Panceltainia Predicted Territories
Panceltainia Predicted Territories

Here then, is a map which attempts to portray the true predicted territorial regions of Panceltainia, should the democratic rising of Celtic belonging succeed.

Indeed, all Celtic Countries would retain their sovereignity and majority of autonomy, yet nevertheless overseen through the greater Panceltic government, expected to be situated at Stormont.

All throughout these Celtic Isles, in Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and most significantly in Ireland, there is unanimous opposition to nonconsensual departure from the European Union.

Yet again, history is repeating itself at the hand of colonialist barbarianism. Now, we are not only the slaves of foreign imperialism, but we are the slaves of anti European fascism.

Aye, perhaps this is no surprise, since the nature of dictatorship is to rule and not to be ruled. It is granted also, the Englaesh are the only people of these Celtic Isles who are in the least European and their intention to sever our own hereditary Celtic European roots and disembody our naturally sacred European partnership is only blatantly apparent.

Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of these “British” Isles is actually categorically Celtic, is actually categorically European and is actually categorically opposed to a foreign minority ruling over our sovereign nations.

We are all utterly heartbroken by the unforgivable acts of historic child sex abuse within British institutions and the cover up perpetrated by its own Big Brother Government ~ a crime more likely to have been prevented under a sovereign pact of independent nations.

There is also growing distaste for the Monarchy, its unfounded immoral expenditure and its ridiculous ongoing soap opera fantasy, lavishly presented in the newspapers to falsify their own popularity.

Marches for independence have been taking place in every single Celtic country nationwide and for many years and most recently since Brexit, in groups of many, many thousands.

The British Government recently declared it would not allow Scotland a second referendum on independence. Do they think we suck eggs?

It is time to speak seriously to those who have invaded our peace, ignored our pleas and dared to cast our own democratic rights to the furnace.


Stormont Capital Building Of Panceltainia
Stormont ~ Capital Building Of Panceltainia

The declaration of London to leave the EU and thus take all our Celtic nations out with it, has been made in complete defiance of Celtic identity and in accordance with an unrepresentative “British” polling outcome.

Interestingly however, this unsavoury platter of Englaesh egocentricism has created a most intriguing interdimensional doorway within both Irish and Northern Irish politics and optimistically, unto the historic Irish Peace Process.

Very few people in Ireland, north or south, voted for Brexit, instead the vast majority wished to remain a part of the European Union and now, with no suitable options on the table which may resolve this dispute, those on both sides of the Irish border are beginning to discuss answers like they never have before.

Today, many Irish politicians from around all sides of the “UK” coin, are suggesting instead the Reunification of Ireland as a European Member State and therefore the road to complete and final independence from Britain.

Isn’t it ironic, how London’s ignorance of Irish feelings, should actually pave the way to their final grasp at peace?

Here then prompts the question; if all Celtic nations, through the upholding of Panceltic democracy, decide to form the Country of Panceltainia, where would be its capital?

Of course there are many choices, yet in all truth and respect, especially regarding the historical friction and pains of a seemingly endless argument, I believe without question, if anyone knows the first and last thing about politics, then it is all those who have spoken, with grief and with dignity, within the great walls of Stormont.

It is this majestic building, surrounded by nature and boasting a grandiose entrance, which has served the people of these Isles with the absolute most dedication and understanding.

The truth has been calling to our hearts for hundreds of years… it is now time to heed what can only be God’s will and to declare what is righteous, what is sovereign and what is truthful.

Blessed art Panceltainia.

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