Alex Parks ~ Songwriter

Alex Parks Singer
Alex Parks ~ Female Artist
OK Pandora, what’s the deal? Where are you…?

The first time I heard your voice it was in 2003. I was strolling the streets of Turin and your song Maybe That’s What It Takes was playing on my portable radio.

Then, as it does there sometimes, it started to rain.

I love the rain. In fact I love the rain just as much as I love the sunshine. Especially both at the same time… that’s really nice. Makes you feel all exotic.

As the water began to swoosh along the foot polished pavements of this romantically architectured metropolis, the radio hostess announced to the world this was your debut album and, like a gentle arm around my shoulder, the next song Here Comes The Rain Again began to play.

To be honest I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard your singing. Oh of course, I expect people have often said, “she’s no Opera queen”, or, “too husky for my taste”… but, looking at your face right now, as the rain pours down outside against my tin-roofed Somerset apartment in the middle of nowhere… it’s the only voice I want to hear.

In fact Alex Parks, born 26 July 1984 from Mount Hawke, Cornwall, is to this day the only female artist I have wanted to listen to more desperately than, say… the living voice of Luciano Pavarotti himself.

Alex Parks wrote her first and major debut album Introduction in 2003, to the immense applaud of thousands of instant fans. Then some time later, she followed it up with her next successful album Honesty in 2005.

This spiky haired indie-rock, folk-pop alternative smash hit of an artist was simply reeling in the crowds, soaking up the lime light and grabbing all the awards.

Yet, mysteriously and all of a sudden… ever since then… silence. Absolute… silence. Unto this day she has literally vanished off the face of the Earth, into thin air. Why?

Leaving no stone unturned, it has been practically impossible to find any news or mention of her anywhere.

Well, almost. Two years ago I believe I found her Twitter account. She wrote a handful of tweets claiming to be now living in Australia and that she has some new material in the works…

Yet here we are, once again… silence.

Nearly two decades have passed since I have walked those streets of Turin and felt the rain falling about me in that magical way, of which only she could invoke.

Hey!! YOU!! Yes you, the one with the big clever voice and really smart eyes… get over here and tell me where it’s at. Present to me the embodiment of all musical talent that has ever existed, ever will exist and of whom was born for the sole purpose of bringing angels unto existence.

You see, they’re all somberly sitting around on clouds right now, clutching their harps in silence, without anything to play. Even he himself, the great bearded comforter of our woes, is wondering when you’ll instruct his angels to make him smile again.

Come on Lexi… bring the Heavens down on Cornwall.

Stones & Feathers ~ Alex Parks

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