The Foresight Of Mirages

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Mysterious Islands Materialise Out Of Nowhere
Mysterious Islands Materialise Out Of Nowhere
A mirage, unlike an hallucination, is actually a photographable artefact.

This is because unlike an error of the mind, a mirage is an optical illusion caused by the refraction and reflection of light, which results from a difference in temperature between the ground or sea and the air above it.

In the field of Galplanology, or “flat earth science”, the phenomena of mirages provide foundation to the ambiguity of witnessable curvature.

For example, there are a handful of phenomena which present the apparition of directly witnessable curvature. One of these, perhaps the most cited evidence for a spherical Earth, is that of manmade structures spanning an entire stretch of water for a great enough distance that they appear to become curved.

However it should be noted, architects and engineers are never required to account for the Earth’s curvature when undertaking these massive construction projects. No railway, canal, tunnel or bridge in history was ever built to the specifications of a ball Earth. Thus, if architects and engineers are never required to calculate the curve itself… then the curve itself does not actually exist.

Indeed, as you can see from this photograph, there are many phenomena which directly contradict these observations of manmade structures as evidence of curvature. One of these is that of gigantic floating islands materialising out of nowhere on the horizon.

A manmade structure may be photographable, but so is a mirage of an island. Thus, if a mirage of a rocky island on the horizon of an ocean can be photographed, then so can a mirage of a spherical Earth.

Just as like the illusion of a Setting Sun, observation of curvature through manmade objects is merely an artefact of perspective, refraction and the amplification of apparitional geometry.

Aye, it is true, our Sun actually decreases dramatically in size at nightfall, as it moves further away. Yet, due to atmospheric refraction and magnification, it appears much larger and even sometimes warped in shape.

Thus the illusion of massive constructions becoming curved over long distances is merely a mirage of perspective, refraction and geometrical illusion.

Besides, such a profound curvature would not actually be visible from the ground, only its minimally curved vanishing at the horizon, of which even this is not then actually proof.

And so, since we have determined our world is flat, what else may such mirages represent?

This one particular photo of a massive floating island appears to be suggestive of a greater mass of land and sea beyond the natural field of vision. For the image in this photograph seems to exhibit a combination of extremely dense and compacted physical characteristics and not just solely of water.

Or at least so it would appear.

Is it then possible that the mirage we see here and indeed then other similar mirages of this kind, are actually a telescopic rendering of our expansive or “infinite” plane beyond?

Atmospheric refraction is well documented to cause the apparition of all sorts of bizarre things, like flying boats, upside down mountains, a Super Moon or even triple rainbows!

Indeed Szion, is itself a most mysterious wonder of the universe.

And so it just begs the question, are we in fact seeing here a glimpse of our Flat Earth beyond, perhaps hundreds, or even thousands of miles of land and sea, conglomerated and compacted through the wonder of Szion, into a small region of atmosphere viewable only to a select few lucky navigators?

Well, who knows.

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