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Citroen Ami
Europeans may drive the Citroën Ami from the age of 14 years old, even without a driving license.
Finally may we behold, not just an electric car, but a four wheeled vehicle legally drivable by everyone… even without a license.

At least, that is… in France.

Yes, according to Citroën, their revolutionary new vehicle, the AMI, is not only 100% electric, but because it is classified as a “light quadricycle”, a loophole in modern laws means it can be driven by 14 year olds in France and by 16 year olds in the rest of Europe, as long as they have passed Compulsory Basic Training for riding a moped.

Yet you guessed it. Here in Britain where even the most basic luxuries such as PETs are outright banned from public places, we can expect a similar heavy handed restriction on the Citroën Ami.

Following the anti-celtic BREXIT recently, Britain is no longer a member of the EU and so… “whallah!”, this vehicular freedom will never be grantable to British citizens.

Whilst current UK law states a 17 year old may drive a car providing they have a license, there is no guarantee the Citroën Ami will be accepted as a regular vehicle.

Let alone will we be entitled to drive the thing without a license.

The Facts

Citroen Ami
The Citroën Ami is approximately 2m cubed with a top speed of 30mph.
I have personally been expressing the imminent need for a cultural vehicular remedy such as this for many, many years now.

GIOFEST recognises the Citroën Ami as the absolute eureka moment for modern revolutionary transportation infrastructure.

Our world needs, most paramountly:

  • Many small electric vehicles for individual use, rather than single occupants of many large vehicles.
  • Vehicles available to non license holders, such as PETs and indeed the Citroën Ami.
  • A better cheaper alternative to buying a car, such as the Ami, which Citroën say can be rented at 26 cents per minute.

Non license holders exist, not because they can’t drive, but because of numerous reasons, especially money.

Personally… in 1997 I was failed for doing something my very instructor taught me to do. In light of this, I have never been able to face the expense and pantomime of going through it all again.

Then there’s the fact that over twenty years later I cannot morally put my head inside a car and turn it to acknowledge an overpolluting overpopulated plastic ball world. Nevermind the extortionate running costs if you can acquire yourself any such pile of said crap to start.

And so… ahem… this is obviously then where the Citroën Ami takes center stage.

The Citroën Ami is a 485kg, two seater electric quadricycle, powered by a 5.5kWh lithium ion battery, with 47 miles of range and a top speed of approximately 30mph.

Furthermore it can fully recharge from a domestic wall socket in a mere three hours.

The vehicle features snazzy opposite hinged doors, fold-up windows reminiscent of those in the 2CV, a panoramic glass roof and even interior heating.

Furthermore it provides numerous origami style storage facilities.

The Future

Here then we have the ultimate electric vehicle package that would not only remedy our stinking and congested disease ridden towns and cities, but which would bring immense happiness to millions of people in our world.

If only those who control our lives would let go of their greedy inner power grabbing demons.

We have known there are solutions since General Motors invented the EV-1 way back in 1996 ~ yet they forbid individual ownership so they could discontinue it and trash all vehicles as soon as the government said it was no longer a legal requirement to make them.

This is not right and never has been right.

Our world is dying and it is dying fast. It is insanely overpopulated, we are running out of food, animals are going extinct beyond historic catastrophe, birds are falling from the skies in the hundreds, the creatures of the oceans are washing up dead in the thousands, fish and marine life of all kinds are living on ingested plastics and even human beings ourselves consume endless amounts plastic into our guts as a regular daily diet.

We ARE plastic.

So if you think your government is any different – think again.

Yes, that’s right… think… again.

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