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GIOFESTThe Galearthéan Institute Of Flat Earth Science & Technology
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This playlist is continuously updated and can be found in our mediasplash section. All following images are from various public domain sources, courtesy of all good FlatEarthers who share a common cause for scientific truth.

Please click any one to enlarge.

NASA Diversity Of Fake Earths

Blue MarbleHere on the left is the famous “Blue Marble” photograph, again click to enlarge to full scale. This photo, retrieved from the NASA website, is not so much an example of a spinning ball Earth, backdropped with the eternal damnation of an unforgiving abyss… but more an example of Photoshop… and fakery, as can be revealed when we actually zoom in and study the clouds.

NASA Blue Marble A Fraudulent Potoshop

As you can see here, copying and pasting is quite commonplace in NASA “photography”, as so too then is pretending to be in outer space.

NASA America Continent Size Varies

NASA Moon Distances Illogical

The Four Fraudulent Space Agencies


GIOFEST Everest Fisheye Lens

Mount Fuji Tokyo Japan
Mount Fuji, Tokyo, Japan

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