Black Holes Do Not Exist

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Black Holes, according to 20th century scientific dogma, are dark spherical regions of space-time which harbour a gravitational pull so incomprehensibly immense, that nothing, not even light can escape their evil grasp.

Unfortunately however, even today, amidst all the ongoing efforts to convince the civilian populations of the world that they do exist, scientists of all calibres continue to debate the validity of any evidence pointing to their existence.

Albert Einstein himself never actually believed in Black Holes, despite how the indoctrinating media exploits his genius, he thought the concept unrealistic.

Galearthéan philoscientific consensus states that “Black Holes” are a governmental fabrication and instrument of terraterrorism, designed to fear monger the population into believing salvation is only attainable through submission unto the provisions of a higher scientific elite.

They are a weapon of consumerism and enslavement, whereby one’s sensitivity unto science causes one to lose belief in a greater spiritual meaning and instead to salvage enjoyment from the brainwashed practise of unnecessary consumption, in turn fuelling the economy and with it all the selfish power greedy investments of their leaders.

Most specifically however, their invention was designed to become more endorsed and indoctrinated in tandem and in conjunction with the endorsement and indoctrination of television.

Evidence for this “declaration” is that of the “Black Hole’s” synchronised popularisation during the early 20th century at the same time and with the same momentum as the commercial popularisation of television itself.

Both television and black holes were popularised and indoctrinated as a collective brainwashing programme in conjunction with each other at the same time.

It was realised very early on, that circular television screens should become obsolete, since the use of a circular screen could be seen as suspicious. Since a square and a circle are two different shapes, it was thought the public would not become aware of this subconsciously programmed psychological connection and so the “black square” was decided to become commonplace.

Thus in turn people would be unaware of the reality that it is in fact the “black square” from which “consciousness” instead is the universal entity being entrapped and consumed.

Further, it was also decided at this time, and in conjunction with these two “dark” influences, to make a giant alteration to the English language. The alteration of the word “hallow” to become the new indoctrinated alternative word “holy”.

This momentous change to our language would be the ultimate ingredient to the programming spell of “black hole” doom and damnation. Whilst a new word cannot become commonplace over night, “holy” would thus become implemented over time through the same popularisation techniques as its two evil counterparts, the television and scientific fallacy.

The domestic “black square” would become the instrument of indoctrination, whilst the fear mongering of “black holes” in partnership with our “holy” neurolinguistic programming, would thence become the government’s deployed instruments of distraction and submission.

Hence today, not only has the “black square” become ubiquitous and the “life bread” of our society’s infrastructure, but The Dictatorship Of The Deprivation Of Natural Consciousness has declared the existence of Black Holes “photographically irrevocable”, that therefore “scientism” is a “holy” religion and that one of the biggest “black holes” ever discovered in our universe… resides on our very own doorstep.

Wake up…

Professor proves mathematically black holes don’t exist
Physicist claims black holes cannot scientifically exist

Aye, since the indoctrination of “black holes” from school, we no longer smile with wonder at the majesty of the heavens above. Now, whenever we look up at the Stars we feel utter fear and terror, our subconscious forever plagued by the “knowledge” that, at any moment, any one of those Stars could collapse, go supernova, and become… a “black hole”.

Nay, the indoctrination of astronomical damnation is a crime against humanity and most certainly a crime against all children, whom art of the world.

Is it wrong to declare “black holes” a criminal fabrication? GIOFEST does not acknowledge the existence of “black holes” and thus cannot comment. Yet, even if said phenomena “did exist”, there is nothing in even a zillion, zillion years that anyone could actually do about them.

Thus the ridiculous historic world wide effort to make their existence “glorious” is, for the future of all humanity, nothing less than retarded.

And so… welcome to the concept of righteous belief.

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