The Atmosphere & Its Preservation

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To understand the nature of Galearthéan atmosphere, one must first understand the nature of Galearthéan gravity.

In very brief terms, the Galearthéan study of galplanology states that “gravity” is a consequence of:

  • The difference in relative density of mass within the local relative antidensity of space, whereby a vacuum repels a plenum and a plenum repels a vacuum.

A state of “plenum” is the opposite of a state of “vacuum”.

Please read The Law Of Gravity & Its Nature Of A Galearthy for a more detailed seminar on this subject.

Thus and herewith, our atmosphere is held in place by this Galearthéan principle of mutual density. That is to say, the denser layers reside closer to the Earth or plenum, while the weaker layers reside closer to the vacuum of space.

The vacuum of space does not “suck” on our atmosphere, even indoctrinated science will agree with that, instead it is as described, a conversation between a plenum and a vacuum through the Galearthéan principle of mutual density.

The atmosphere is continually generated and cycled about Galearthéa through natural processes such as photosynthesis, respiration and indeed “volcanism” ~ the heartbeat of our world.

Photosynthesis and respiration are essentially the opposite of one another. Photosynthesis removes CO2 from the atmosphere and replaces it with O2. Respiration takes O2 from the atmosphere and replaces it with CO2.

According to Galearthéan scientists, “Climate Change” is not only a result of fossil fuels and other atmospheric pollutants, but sadly it is actually directly due to overpopulation of our local atmosphere by human beings, whereby the processes of photosynthesis and respiration are fatally imbalanced.

Yet the damage caused by the overpopulation of human beings doesn’t end there. Human activities such as immense plant consumption and animal farming, further impact the cycle of gas release. Even without fossil fuel pollution, overpopulation itself will cause a fatally damaging shift to the natural process of atmospheric regeneration.

Evidence for this is directly observable through the related trend in historic increase in population levels and the diminishing natural processes of atmospheric regeneration, such as found within rainforests.

Whilst a very real phenomena, Climate Change is not a “global” phenomena, since the Earth is a plane, but instead a “regional” phenomena. Just as different regions of the “world” have different climates, the artificial polluting of our “worldwide” climate is actually only inflicting in the central region of Galearthéa where human beings actually reside.

Yet whilst it is a given that Galearthéan atmosphere may extend far beyond the reaches of Antarctica, even perhaps for millions of miles, the fact remains that nobody has ever travelled that far out to confirm this hypothesis.

Thus, since nobody has ever travelled beyond Antarctica and therefore the true nature of our greater atmosphere remains uncertain, it is imperative we understand why the threat posed from even localised Climate Change cannot be ignored.

GIOFEST is committed to the ongoing campaign to obliterate fossil fuel pollution, to tackle unnatural climatisation and to defend our atmosphere from the impurest activities of an insanely overpopulated human presence.

As a righteous institution, we believe in promoting clean energy and raising awareness of the abundance of alternative power sources. Yet most specifically, we believe in reducing the human population and its damaging activities significantly, in turn replenishing the balance of nature and the good equilibrium of our world.

For more information on the astronomical mechanics of our galearthy, visit our main page _*~ and select an item from the menu.

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