British Government Bribed, Bullied & Murdered Benefits Claimants

Flag Of Panceltainia
The Flag Of Panceltainia
Without further ado, it is time to put an end to the draconian English Tory philosophy of austerity through oppression, by supporting Celtic independence.

The collective will of all Celtic people is to live in peace and harmony with one another and to look after our neighbours, with charity and kindness. It is not to take away their livelihoods through oppression, bribery, bullying and murder.

The following articles are not even one millionth percent of the greater picture regarding the heartless and systematic disregard for human life by a Tory government.

Yet let this blog entry serve as a reminder to all those smirking behind their overpaid fascist faces, that crimes against humanity, which are still being committed by our government to this day… will not go ignored.

Hereby, we the people of Panceltainia will never officially recognise a “Knighthood” ever again ~ especially from “one” who claims poverty grants herself.

DWP accused of offering disabled people ‘take it or leave it’ benefits

Cover-up: DWP destroyed reports into people who killed themselves after benefits were stopped

21,000 people died waiting for benefits

Watchdog to investigate suicide monitoring of benefit claimants after ministers refuse to publish data

Six-stone emaciated fragile man deemed fit for work by DWP dies in pain

Man drops stone dead in Jobcentre offices after being declared fit for work

Victims of rape and the disabled continue to fight UK Bedroom Tax which EU declares discriminatory

UN investigated British Government over human rights abuses caused by IDS welfare reforms

Therefore, we ask all who are reading this to sign the following petition to have Iain Duncan Smith’s knighthood removed.

Over a quarter of a million and still growing sign petition to have Iain Duncan Smith’s Knighthood Removed

Blessed art Panceltainia.

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4 thoughts on “British Government Bribed, Bullied & Murdered Benefits Claimants

  1. Current victim of the system … at the end of tether! Only Almighty God watching over me at the moment, as HE has always faithfully done. I met QUEEN BEES & KING BEES at DWP last week; and they left me distraught, shaken. Their arrogance and ignorance is unbelievable … I was tempted to think i’m being racially abused; but the fact that I come across your blog post it makes think probably it is something else. I’m scared shitless visiting these gov. places; mind you I’m grown up man, educated, at least I think, good work ethic. But alas they are looking for something else, GOd knows what.


    1. Heilo Crimson, keep ya chin up mate. Nobody with half a brain cell could blame you for your fears ~ just a shame about the brainwashed state we’re in! Keep on fighting and may the peace be with you.


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