SRG ~ Daylight Moon Phenomena

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SRG Daylight Moon Phenomena
The Galearthéan Daylight Moon
All Galearthéan lunar phases are predominantly the result of the three interacting phenomena, hereby known as SRG:

  • Seasonal Sunlight
  • Radioactive Recharge
  • Gravitational Arches

Of all the wondrous phenomena which contradict the indoctrinated fallacy of a Spherical Earth, the most majestic of these have to be the miracle of the Galearthéan Daylight Moon Phenomena.

Witnessing the Moon during daylight is not a miracle in itself.

Yet, the miracle is beheld whence the Moon is high, the Sun is low and its topmost luminosity a hemispherical impossibility.

Yet before we can voyage deep into the Galearthéan Cosmological Explanation of this most spectacular event, it is necessary to explain the fundamental principles of Galearthéan Lunar Phases.


Whilst the most visibly obvious cause of the Moon’s glowing is its reflection of sunlight which travels above us whence the Earth is in darkness, the Moon is actually and nevertheless a self luminous planetoid.

As like a solitary Candle in a large Church does not illuminate the whole building, neither will the Sun illuminate the entire Earth as it orbits around. However, as like the Candle, a very mild glowing of light will travel unto further regions whence it is not blocked by variations in terrain. Herewith, it is this very soft surviving “mild glow” above our planar which reaches the surface of the Moon.

The reason the Moon shines so brightly even under such weak influence is due to the accumulation of ionizing radiation over millions of years. Whence this blanket of absorbed radiation becomes momentarily recharged by phases of sunlight, it will become excited and glow brightly across its surface.

It is only the Sun’s assistance which initiates the Moon’s own self generating luminosity.

Whilst the Moon is closer in orbit to the planar than the Sun is, both the Sun and Moon vary their heights throughout the year, as they orbit above and around our planar disc, causing a fluctuation of angular reflectivity and thus radioactive recharge upon the Moon’s surface.

Behold now, for it is actually this very beautiful self luminosity which causes anomalies such as an otherwise impossible Crescent Moon during bright daylight, whereby its luminous and darkened hemispheres contradict the clearly witnessable relative position of the Sun.

Its darkened hemisphere? A result of a gravitational anomaly.

This phenomena, known as a Szion Gravitational Arch, will now be discussed herein this article.

Meanwhile, for more information about the Galearthéan Moon and the Lunar Phases, visit our main page _*~ and select an item from the menu.

Of Szion & The Moon

SRG - Galearthéan Daylight Moon Phenomena
SRG & The Galearthéan Daylight Moon

Szion: The Galearthéan principle stating that neither the speed of light nor the nature of gravity is a constant. To elaborate, many observable phenomena are only apparitional in actuality, since founded subtleties of varying degrees prompt resigning observations unto a greater five dimensional science.

Gravitational Arches: Due to Szion, the five dimensional realm of influence, these are periodic patches in outer space of fluctuating gravity, forming in the shape of magnificent arches above our expansive plane. These cause various astronomical curiosities such as the bending of light and thus the ocular phases of the Moon, Venus and other objects.

“Szion Gravitational Arches” usually only manifest and reside about the close orbit of physical objects, whereby in outer space, an object’s relative density of plenum in conversation with the local antidensity of vacuum “fluctuates”, causing a change in the consequential gravity about that region of space.

Szion is a scientifically documentable fact, observable on two primary occasions:

  1. Whence a Crescent Moon and Sun are both visible in the daylight sky.
  2. Whence the Sun and Moon are both visible in the sky during a Total Lunar Eclipse.

1.) It is important to remember, that according to NASA, lunar phases are not caused by shadow of ANY kind, but by the mere direction of sunlight upon the Moon’s surface. Yet if this were true, then it would not only be impossible to witness a Crescent Moon whence the Sun is shining brightly, especially whence from the opposite horizon, but also there would be ZERO terminator line whatsoever dividing the Moon in half, since only a shadow or thus a Szion gravitational anomaly would cause such a visually sharp separation of its hemispheres.

Thus the illuminated half of the Moon during this event is a combination of reflection and self luminosity, while the darkened side is a result of a Szion Gravitational Arch bending the Moon’s own light around itself.

Furthermore, if you look closely, sometimes you will notice a very gentle glowing on its dark side and this is caused by an excessive charging of its radiated blanket, whilst conflicting gravitational influences affect the Szion Arch, allowing some light to reach or radiate out from its surface.

2.) Indoctrinated round Earth science teaches that a phenomena called “selenelion” is the explanation for this anomaly, whereby the planet’s atmosphere refracts light around its curve, causing the illusion of both objects being visible from the ground.

Yet this is a contradiction in terms! For they themselves state this event to be an “unusual” occurrence yet whilst at the same time acknowledging refraction to be a “regular” anomaly. Yet this nevertheless “regular” refraction would only in turn put all Solar and Lunar observations out of synchronisation, if we consider this Lunar Eclipse to be only unique.

In fact, if the Earth’s atmosphere is what causes their appearance in the sky through “bendy light”, then the Moon would seldom appear “eclipsed” by the Earth ever, for this very same refraction would often cause it to shine during most other eclipse events.

Furthermore if atmospheric refraction truly inflicted such a tremendous influence on the positions of objects in the sky, then many other necessary arial or astronomical observations would present very confusing results.

For example, aeroplanes would be observed approaching our locality whence they have not yet actually even reached the horizon! This would cause tremendous worry to many aeroplane pilots, especially during a time of war and battle.

Nay, all Galearthéan Lunar phases are purely cosmological mechanics of Szion.

A miracle then, it is true, for Szion is the direct astronomical explanation for the witnessing of Stars which shine brightly through the surface of the darkened Moon!

The phenomena of Lunar Transparency is a regularly documented observation throughout the history of the world, even to the extent that popular world religions incorporate such depictions into their culture of worship.

Szion Gravitational Arches are then effectively five dimensional bubbles which warp space, causing objects to appear transparent, satellites or planets to assume unusual orbits and even to slow down or speed up the passage of time.

In time to come, the human race will discover such anomalies of space and time to be more than common throughout the universe and that our Moon is but one piece of a much greater cosmological majesty.

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