Keytoy ~ Radioactive Styling By Jepps

Keytoy ~ Custom Styling By Jepps
Theatre grade glow in the dark tape applied to sharps and flats, whilst black electrician tape softened surrounding case appearance.
I simply adore my Hohner Superforce 37. In fact I adore it so much I decided it was time to give it a manicure and custom artistic makeover.

The result? A finely tuned and responsive, totally radioactive Keytoy.

It had been begging me to do it. In fact the day it arrived the first thing it said was, “Please don’t call me a Superforce 37…”

Damn right. Whilst my favourite Keytoy, or Melodica, or whatever you want to call it, the name SUPERFORCE 37 has never settled with me on any particularly personal level, at all.

Hence, in addition to the reed adjustments I spent a good couple of hours undertaking, the abominable logo has now gone from its now most graciously decorated face.

Keytoy ~ Custom Styling By Jepps
Simon Jepps’ Radioactive Keytoy
I acquired some theatre grade glow in the dark tape which, if you have never seen it, glows like the Moon! It is professional tape they use on floors in the dim lit environments of the theatre’s dark passages.

In fact a whole reel of this stuff makes a fairly good torch!

The photo here doesn’t really give full credit to the phenomena that is a radioactive keyboard. I actually found it quite difficult to photograph with a cheap tablet camera and so I did have to spend a long time adjusting the exposure settings.

However if you were to see it in person I can assure you it produces the most beautifully soft yet mezmerizing glow.

Nevertheless eventually, here we have to behold, Simon Jepps’ Radioactive Keytoy.

Rock on.

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