The Country Of Cornwallland

Flag Of Cornwallland
Flag Of Cornwallland
Here is an interesting supplementary on the topic of Celtic independence: Cornwallland.

Whilst I have blogged often about Panceltainia and indeed Cornissia, it has actually always been most deepest in my heart to call this land “Cornwallland”.

Yes, with three L‘s.

Of course, at first mention it sounds somewhat flippant, especially with three L‘s in its spelling.

But there is a reason it has stuck by me all these years and only continued to strengthen its appeal to me.

That reason is love.

To be most frankly honest, that’s what it is. But, also it is true, there are Celtic elements to its name.

Flag Of The Isle Of Man
Flag Of The Isle Of Man

Firstly the three L‘s represent the Celtic symbol of The Three Legged Man, found amongst many Celtic cultures and specifically our very own Celtic neighbour, The Isle Of Man.

Secondly this spelling represents an honorary salute to the majestically articulated eccentricity of all Celtic languages, whereby, particularly in Welsh for example, we find many double consonants and tongue twisting grammatical expressions.

Thirdly it is not only a natural suffix to Cornwall, but you cannot deny how fantastic the name Cornwallland truly is.


The capital?

Well, our country of “Cornwallland” would basically be a duplicate of our political model of “Cornissia”, merely a different name.

Thus likewise its territory would be the former south west counties of England and its capital, Truro.

Here then, as our modern Celtic times begin to encounter ever moreso alienation, discrimination, oppression, outright disrespect and effectively slavery unto a rampant English insanity ~ and even during a national crisis of which it is actually ourselves who have been praised and the English ridiculed by the world…

It is time… it is time for Pancelticism to stand up for its God given rights or forever be made to feel a slave unto a buffoon… and not just a buffoon… but a buffoon who, “claps for his underpaid and silenced carers” but who, “does not believe in gestures” when it comes to racism.

We are Celtic. This is Cornwallland.

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