World Trade Center

World Trade Center
World Trade Center
Free 20th Century
Tall and poetic they stood together, like as a man and woman, a partnership of understanding, a welcoming of collaboration, a marriage of 20th century western civilisation.

That is how I saw them. That is how they will always be remembered in my heart.

I was born in 1978 and am wholeheartedly a 20th century time lord. That is to say I craft my entire livelihood about an atmosphere of past century curiosity and freedom of thought.

I love Gandhi, very much India, I adore incense and Chess, I have more paper and pens than anything remotely black and square. In fact the biggest screen in my flat is only a 7″ DVD player and the other which I am typing on now, likewise.

Aye, you probably won’t find many post millennium movies in my DVD collection. In fact I know you won’t, because I believe civilisation itself died out, on September 11th 2001.

There are many conspiracy theories regarding the destruction of the Twin Towers and whilst I am a rational observer, I do agree wholeheartedly with professionals who express suspicion of the official narrative.

Why? Well without going into the endless scientific studies, including of course the argument that jet fuel cannot melt steel beams, there is one blatantly obvious fact.

A pentagon has five sides and is much wider than it is tall. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that an airplane hitting one side will not destroy the building. You would in fact perhaps need five airplanes for each side.

Why sacrifice your life for a lost cause? Why does the CCTV footage appear to show a drone? Why would a jumbo jet leave only a hole the size of its engine? Why in God’s name would an amateur pilot attempt a nearly impossible low altitude manoeuvre… for a lost cause?

There were no people on the planes. It was reported by air traffic control that contact was lost with both tower planes during the event. The planes were switched midflight for remote controlled ones, armed with missiles.

The people of the original planes, may they rest in Heaven, were then flown elsewhere.

Finally, so as not to drag on and so I can conclude the rest of this article, it is well documented that slow motion footage shows not only non-commercial planes, but ones carrying armaments underneath.

You cannot attach armaments to a commercial plane, there are far too many regulations and observations to manipulate. Oh, sure if enough people are involved then perhaps, but in my view, whilst real passenger planes took off, they were switched for autonomous ones enroute.

This “missile” device was actually imperative to any assured destruction of the World Trade Center. Why?

Quite simply, a commercial jet flying hundreds of miles an hour into a skyscraper has more than enough momentum to shoot itself straight out the other side… even before completing its entire explosion.

If this happens, even partially, any engulfment of the building which does take place would not be nearly convincing enough to believe it would bring down the tower.

In order to make sure these planes explode entirely within the building, a missile is fired a fraction of a second before the plane hits the tower. This missile ensures the plane explodes on impact and whilst providing additional munition.

Here then, is my thesis.

It is my wholehearted opinion that 9/11, the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, were masterfully crafted by the US government, designed as merely one small part of a much greater coordinated attack on human consciousness.

An inside job? Yes absolutely.

9/11 was the “seed” of the Dictatorship Of The Deprivation Of Natural Consciousness, which I urge you to read, and the beginning of technological enslavement. It was the death of Western freedom and the birth of Western totalitarianism.

We have all been microchipped without realising it ~ not physically, for that is the distraction ~ but subliminally.

The purpose of destroying the most profoundly recognised western symbol was to remove any continuum of a 20th century consciousness from our collective minds ~ and with it ~ all the free and graceful beauty of our once unpolluted spiritually creative earthen being.

The Twin Towers were an iconic landmark which stood for 20th century achievement. They were representatives of our historic accomplishments before we “needed smart phones” and thus the embodiment of all we had created before our enslavement unto computers.

Our time, before computers, has been erased. Our memories of a life rich in and of itself, where computers were only a curiosity and our fulfillment outside of them only natural, is being erased. Our ability to even comprehend existence without them, is being erased.

These memories, once shared from a view at the top of the world, have become so far removed from our daily lives, that people now think you are CRAZY to suggest there is more to live for outside of the screen. You are branded schizophrenic, as if something “extra” must be imaginary.

We have been assimilated into a virtual world of techno-crap, pornography and fear. We are forever at the mercy of “terrorism” and to feel any self worth to keep us going, we are obliged to consume, consume, consume.

We are programmed to absorb constantly, an evil, modern technological mindset and to frown upon and heckle those who wish it were still the 20th century.

The DOTDONC is here.

9/11 was the removal of our 20th century identity and the plantation of a metaphysical microchip into every single person’s head.

It was the targeted obliteration of all memory of 20th century real life communicative achievement and the virtual imprisonment of our minds. Under our very own nose, sitting in the very palm of our own hand, we are now taught “progress” is poking our finger at a screen.

When you think of 20th century western civilisation, the first thing that comes to mind ~ or used to ~ was the Twin Towers in New York.

Whence that symbol is gone forever, so is the continuum of our peaceful 20th century origin and belonging. For those buildings were irrefutably the identity of western civilisation and something, however much trivial or even mundane, that we all adored romantically, in books, movies and of course as a holiday destination.

Those two golden towers glistening in the dazzling sun, gracefully rising to the clouds and comforting its children as like ‘gentle giants’ of which they became regarded, were a spectacular proclamation of freedom and prosperity.

To build something else in their place is as if to say they never stood at all. It is as if to say our 20th century years of physical, face to face communication accomplished nothing. It is as if to say… we are nothing.

Of course the bigger picture of this event is truly much more involved and the motives behind it even wider afield. For example, how if even the official narrative were true, they may still have “let it happen”.

Yet it is clear to me now.

If the US government truly loved those towers, they would have rebuilt them exactly the same, more or less. Instead we now have an image of a jeweled missile in their place, staring down on us like something out of ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’.

It was not only bricks and bodies that fell on 9/11. Western sanity died in those towers.

What was once a romantic skyline is now a symbol of technological enslavement. Long gone are the man and woman, hand in hand, ushering our lives onwards and forwards, with the peace of civilisation’s cherished fruits.

If I were president, I’d take down that techno plastered ICBM of an eyesore and rebuild that sacred marriage, brick by brick, from the ground up.

God bless America.

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