The Hashtag & 9/11

Hashtag 911
The hashtag is pictographical of 9/11
The hashtag was invented on August 23, 2007 by Chris Messina.

Apparently it was a discussion and so perhaps not his whole idea. In any case he is given credit for it, since to which Twitter responded, “that’s just for nerds”.

Yet I would like you all to take a look at the famous hashtag. Does it resemble anything you have seen?

Indeed, the September 11th 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. You have two towers and two trajectory lines, one above the other, going through the towers.

I would ask you now to read my article World Trade Center in order to understand what I am describing and how this post relates to the Dictatorship Of The Deprivation Of Natural Consciousness.

Of course, the hash number symbol has been in existence for at least a hundred years. However the hashtag, or the adoption of the symbol for mass social media conversation, was not invented until nearly the 6th anniversary of 9/11.

I find it surprising that Twitter of all people would give an initially negative opinion of the idea. Not least since the idea of ‘tagging’ in basic form was already a movement.

It is beyond belief in fact that something obviously to become so profoundly widespread would “apparently” be shrugged at by one of the biggest corporations on Earth.

Is this “historic” snub a cover?

Every second of every day, billions of people see an image strikingly resemblant of 9/11 and then incorporate that image into their daily conversation.

Is its invention mere coincidence? Is only one man credited for its invention in order to dissuade the world from making such an enormous accusation?

The hashtag is literally EVERYWHERE and its coordinated implementation into our subconscious virtually irreversible.

Thus every second of every day, billions of people see an image of FEAR, an image of civilisation crumbling and at the hands of an unseen enemy.

As this image becomes evermore deeply ingrained into our subconscious, it becomes a completely natural expression of communicative thought.

They not only hijacked planes on 9/11, they hijacked our natural human need to communicate.

This natural interaction is being hijacked and exploited by a dictatorship of evil virtual connectivity right beneath our very noses, whereby our desire to have our voices heard amidst a battleground of controversial debates is being deliberately enticed deeper and deeper into a “square black hole” of fear, money, porn, war and endless consumerism.

Our brains have been REWIRED to operate completely and autonomously around fear and consumerism, whereby 9/11 functions ACUTELY as the core processing unit of our conditioned mental construct.

Every time we TOUCH a screen or even vaguely consider doing so, we feel a complete loss of loving, earthly, meaningful surrounding and our minds themselves CRUMBLE, just like the Twin Towers, unto the virtual reality we think we depend on for our mental rejuvenation and sustenance.

The hashtag commands us to kneel and then pray of it to bring us our reward. The hashtag is EXACTLY what it looks like… the bars of a prison.

Our 20th Century concept of free civilisation has been violently removed from our minds by those who claim to be our leaders. Its pleas to be resurrected refused and now the hashtag enslaves and commands us to kneel unto the Dictatorship Of The Deprivation Of Natural Consciousness.

We are prisoners of war.

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