Zaan ~ A Novelette By Simon Jepps

Zaan ~ A Novelette By Simon Jepps
The original draft cover art for my working story.
“He is Yantov Zaan of Shria Moon… master of sorcery and of the staff…
… his race has been here before… and Egypt is not all ancient history…”

This is a literary project I began over a decade ago but never really took it any further.

I should explain, I am not a fiction writer, I am most adept in the fields of poetry, philosophy, chess, philoscience and music. I keep a lot of my modern day writings personal but will endeavour to publish more as time progresses.

Zaan was my first true attempt to create a fantasy. Of course I know I have the passionate will to create rich concepts and good dialogue, but the core energy of my writing spirit will always be philosophical, factual and musical.

As such and, after some time, I was not in the end able to find the motivation required to continue, develop and complete this story.

I thought however, since the premise of this fantasy is certainly unique and exciting, I would compile and tidy all the notes into an essay format, to publish on my blog.

Whilst the reading material found here is only two dozen paragraphs or so, I felt at least, if I am not actually going to write this book, then at least it might be interesting for others to hear the original working story.

The character artwork was actually created from my old DC Universe Online avatar.

I hope you enjoy.

The Story Of Yantov Zaan

Zaan Front ProfileYantov Zaan is a lonesome refugee from a Moon of the dying planet Shria, (which in Shria’n means “To Hear The Wind Which Moves The Ground”), one of very few planets in the universe which hosts a winged humanoid species.

But Yantov Zaan is not a man of the air, he is a man of the Earth, who is one of few humanoids who evolved on the planet’s only satellite, Shria Moon.

Whilst the winged humanoids evolved and grew on the planet below, Zaan’s ancestors on the planet’s Moon grew as humanoids just as we on Earth, and as such lack the power of flight.

However Zaan is different. He is a master of martial arts, primarily the staff, and due to his disposition of solitude, (possibly the only man left after his planet’s evacuation), has over a long period of meditation and scholarship, mastered an inner strength to overcome his pain and acquire many skills of sorcery.

Planet Shria is mostly mountainous and covered in many active volcanoes. Due to the many massive mountains, canyons and sink holes, the humanoids evolved over many thousands of years to become winged humanoids. Their wings are like gargoyles’, with decorative, rune-like markings. Their world, whilst supportive of vegetation, has also a somewhat purplish atmosphere and is somewhat “darker” in vibe than that of Earth or Shria Moon.

Those who live on the Planet below are a mix of good and evil. It is an unknown ratio, but guessed to be approximately half and half. The two kinds are forever at war. As such the good beings have grown to feel much suspicion and fear of strangers, but whilst still retaining a strong morality in hand.

Shria Moon is only one third the size of Planet Shria but has a heavy mass condition which creates almost a similar gravity. Shria Moon is much like Earth in appearance and conditions, only it supports some variably different vegetation and life. Shria Moon is famed for its neverending rainbows, which cover the skies most of the time. The humanoids here are Earth bound, do not have wings and as such are much like Humans.

Those who live on the Planet’s Moon are mostly good hearted beings, but who’s first encounter with the beings below was unwelcome. They were attacked momentarily, but due to different evolutions, those on the Moon had worked harder to develop technological flight and as such military defences.

The winged beings from the planet below already had the power of flight and as such their environment had not prompted as much need for technological development. They mostly developed artificial liquid skin suites for space-flight, propulsion for zero-gravity and a select number of high power weapons. Needless to say they were surprised at the Moon’s eventual victory.

The planet Shria, whilst a vegetation soaked paradise, is also a windy world of enormous “moving” mountains and continual eruptions from the many volcanoes, which Shria’ns have had to live with for thousands of years.

Yet now however, there is growing concern for the future of the planet.

It is revealed by scientists that Shria is on a fateful path of self destruction, caused by atomic tetrahedral anomalies in the structure of its volcanic core. Eventually the planet tears itself apart and only those elite few with the fortune to summon spaceships are able to escape.

Shria Moonaens had some extra time to evacuate since the Moon itself would not be destroyed by the planet below, but it would lose its orbit and drift away from the Sun. Evacuees from Shria fled to the Moon for a temporary safehaven and most were confronted.

Amongst those of the planet who managed to seek hideout on the Moon, were military personnel and scientists who carried out an evil mission to steal technology, before voyaging into space to find a more permanent new home.

The war for “technological salvation” was a bloody horrid one. In the end only some Shria Moonaens managed to flee in suitable spacecraft, and even fewer of those from the Planet below.

Meanwhile Yantov Zaan was able to flee in a spaceship, but not before he would witness the terrifying doom of his friends.

The mothership ark containing his fellow Moonaens had become damaged by earlier-than-predicted eruptions from the Planet below his Moon. Amidst disagreement with his peers, Zaan was certain an eruption would happen sooner and had beforehand secretly salvaged a warp capable shuttle in order to evacuate the mothership at the last moment.

He knew he couldn’t save everyone on board if launch and trajectory calculations were wrong, so he secretly told his closest friends of his plan. However unfortunately the mothership began to disintegrate sporadically in ever increasing stages resulting in unpredictable cascading events of zero pressure.

Alas, none of those on board the mothership made it in time to the shuttle before being sucked into outer space. Only Zaan managed to reach the shuttle alone and to warp out of the vicinity in time.

Zaan Unto EarthZaan travels to Earth in search of refuge and, after living secretly with monks amongst the Egyptian mountains for some time, and after discovering his species had been here before, decides he must introduce himself to the greater population of Earth and put his sacred powers to good use.

Whilst Zaan learns the power of levitation from monks on his home Moon, and perfecting it while travelling to Earth in his spaceship, he masters the full power of flight on Earth when visiting Egypt and reuniting with an ancient Shria’n spirit that dwells within the Great Pyramid of Giza.

So follows a time of a hero saving the mortal people of the world, fighting for truth and justice as he has always believed the way. Only not all lasts forever. He believes he is an only species and as such unable to feel truly welcome amongst those who are either jealous or uncomfortable with his differences.

He considers salvaging anti-matter fuel from Earth’s magnetosphere, to fuel his spacecraft and leave Earth, regardless of the distances unknown. But – before he can, he realises he is not alone after all and other survivors from the Planet Shria are here. They are the winged, masters of flight.

Unfortunately most are unwelcome. Most are evil. They bring powers and weaponry more advanced than anything known on Earth… they wish to rule the world and bring nothing but fear, pain and suffering. These fearsome powerful weapons are inventions created with the stolen technology from Shria’s Moon – technology they stole shortly before their planet ripped itself apart.

Zaan must stay and rid the world of those who dare to misrepresent his home-world and stellar ancestry. Fortunately not all these other visitors are evil, some are also good willed beings, but they are largely out-numbered, out-muscled, out-technologied… and only Zaan possesses these wondrous sacred powers of the universe.

Does Zaan defeat the overwhelming enemy? Does he reunite with his kind and stay as guardian of the Earth? What will become the legacy of… Yantov Zaan…Zaan Flying Beach

Yantov Zaan © Simon Jepps

2 thoughts on “Zaan ~ A Novelette By Simon Jepps

  1. Just one comment, conceringin the concepts of ‘below’ and ‘above’. Given that it is the gravitational pull of one object for another that underlies these concepts, and ‘up’ is in opposition to that pull, someone whose usual abode was the moon of a planet would percieve the planet as ‘above’, just as someone residing on the planet would see the moon as ‘above’. ‘Below’ would always be, for both beings, their point of origin.
    But let that not detract from your basic story idea. I think you should continue to work at it, unless you have projects that are more important to you. Good luck with whatever you decide.

    Liked by 1 person

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