Keytoy ~ Rainbluew Styling By Jepps

Keytoy ~ Rainbluew Styling By Jepps
The Rainbluew Keytoy By Jepps
Ladies and gentlemen, this little beauty you see right here is my most recent and beloved creation.

Readers of my blog will know I have dabbled in custom styling of melodicas before. Yet even whence dancing with the radioactive moon in the grace of the night, I still felt my one true love to be amiss.

I have discovered gradually over many years that my “problem” with the melodica is nothing to do with its performance, or that it is a “one handed” instrument.

Nay, for even a trumpet is a one handed instrument and besides, the performance of a melodica is purely a question of decent reed quality and adjustment.

Indeed, the base model featured here is a Hohner Superforce 37. Give the reeds a personal tweak and she will be your spouse for life.

No, my “problem” in the end all crunched down to aesthetics. How does it look and feel to hold?

Thus after experimenting a few times, I decided it was high time I actually put in some serious effort to design my own “Jepps” style.


To create the Rainbluew Keytoy I had to do some surgery and shopping around.

I liked the colours of the Hohner Rasta but firstly, the Rasta scene does not digest with me and secondly, I wanted BLUE… and I wanted a rainbow.

But not just any rainbow.

You see, the colours of the Rainbluew Keytoy actually represent the four elements, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

I decided, I wanted my Keytoy to speak volumes, not only in music, but in philosophy too. This I decided, is how my Keytoy should be.

To begin, I transplanted and reordered the sharp/flat keys from my Hohner Rasta onto my Hohner Superforce.

My good Superforce had already undergone a small makeover whereby the “Superforce 37” logo had been taped over and the casing softened down with black electrician’s tape.

This made the instrument feel “quieter” and thus more “bluesy”.

Next I acquired a cheap second hand Hohner Ocean from which I transplanted the blue sharp/flat keys into the remaining positions on my Rainbluew to complete my desired customized colour sequence.

Finally, the Rasta’s yellow BlowFlow mouth piece would complete the look, compensating the one fewer yellow keys and bringing utmost life to the “Wind” element of the design.


I adore the Hohner Superforce 37, it truly is the best reasonably priced melodica on the market.

Interestingly, whilst the Hohner Rasta is constructed upon identical framework, it never seems, even to play, as good a quality instrument as the Superforce 37.

Strange but true.

My advice is, don’t waist your money on overly priced melodicas, because firstly they do not actually sound much better and secondly you are only going to need a professional to repair it.

The budget Hohner selection not only sound respectable, give or take some reed adjustments, but their entire line is designed on the same base model framework, making all their melodicas’ working parts interchangeable with one another.

This not only means customization is within your grasp, but if you unfortunately blow a reed out and it needs replacing, all the Hohner reed plates are interchangeable across their entire melodica range.

So… yes at last, I have managed to create my own personal style of Keytoy, which I can feel to be my own and personal only to me… yet not just from my purely individual creative spirit… but from actual genuine working components, as a real authentically crafted instrument.

Ladies and gentlemen… the Rainbluew Keytoy.

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