The Shepton Amulet & The Dotdonc On Christ

Amulet Building Shepton Mallet
The Amulet Building, Shepton Mallet, an enormous concrete monostrosity which has never attracted investment, was built in the 1970’s directly on top of a Christian courtyard as part of a Dotdonc programming campaign.
The Dictatorship Of The Deprivation Of Natural Consciousness is not merely a 21st Century programme involving the digitalisation of society, but in many ways an historic issue also.

Of course governments have always desired to “control” the masses, or part of the masses, in some form or another since the beginning of time. For whilst government is a rational inevitability, so is the understanding that such corruption will also, inevitably, attempt to infiltrate.

The Amulet theatre building in the market town of Shepton Mallet was built in the early 1970’s by Babysham founder Francis Showering. Originally called “The Centre”, its purpose, apparently, was to be a central “hub” for entertainment, culture and the arts, in a backward attempt to ignite outside investment into the town.

Some “newspapers” will tell you The Amulet was built as part of an extensive modelling of the whole town. Yet in truth, this “extensive modelling” is merely thus… one pile of redundant concrete sitting directly on top of a sacred Christian dwelling.

Oh make no mistake, in terms of the extensive modelling and I quote, “of the whole town”, this three story megalithic lump of concrete is literally… IT.

Ironic then isn’t it, how the ancient Roman Amulet artefact discovered nearby actually turned out to be a FAKE.

The photo here is one of very few decent photos of the building and if you search the web this is probably the best you will find.

You see, nobody likes to photograph the Amulet and the reason is, this HUGE building stands as a concrete MONSTROSITY smack bang in the HEART of a TINY little picturesque market place, BLOCKING off a most picturesque little Church from every direction and sealing this religious icon deep down into a little dark hole, oblivious to any onlookers.

In fact merely due to its sheer SIZE, consuming nearly all the original ancient cobblework of a TINY market place, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to photograph even if you WANTED to.

Seriously, it really would break your heart to know, that if you merely walked around behind the Amulet, after finding the almost invisible route around there, you would discover the most heavenly secluded Church and ancient religious architectures, all surrounded by cobbled pathways and seemingly “hanging gardens” of the adjacent historic residential dwellings.

Yet all of this and indeed much of the picturesque town center itself is now hidden from the public by a worthless concrete alien space ship.

And WORTHLESS it is.

For this ridiculous and disgusting building has NEVER in its LIFETIME served this small market town in ANY productive way. Since DAY ONE it has struggled to attract investment and since DAY ONE it has remained a redundant eye sore.

Now it is FALLING APART both inside and out. In fact if you walk around it you will find broken bottles, rubbish and litter EVERYWHERE which not even the Council themselves wishes to clean up.

Why then, was this obviously LUNATIC construction even approved and what then is the true motive behind Babysham founder Francis Showering’s decision to build this monstrosity, here in this otherwise peacefully quiet and architecturally picturesque little market town centre?

Whatever your theory about this may be, there is truly only one word for it… EVIL.

Incredibly sadly, the building itself harbours a “basement entrance” whereby one must DESCEND a staircase into the bowels of a dark trench! All around the building where once was an open joyous market, are now horrid brickwork tunnel passageways hidden intertwined amongst more trenchwork and giant pillars.

It is not in ANY WAY a child friendly environment.

I remember myself as a child finding the whole complex a HORRIDLY TERRIFYING place to walk around. It still hurts to this day, to remember how oftentimes I desired to stroll about the market, as if it was a welcoming, friendly place and to wander casually amongst the Church cobbles and gardens… only to realise… I DAREN’T GO ANYWHERE NEAR THE PLACE in case of drunken bullies, muggers and drugged up maniacs, lurking amongst the shadows of THE AMULET.

So HOW in the NAME OF GOD ALMIGHTY did this purest of evil places gain the support of the Shepton Mallet residents?

Are you going to tell me NOT ONE parent objected?

If ever there was a case for fabricated community consent, this is it. In all truth I tell you, in order to construct such a satanic structure practically right on top of an ancient holy dwelling, you are going to need more than fabricated public opinion.

You are going to need to be SATAN.

Let me enlighten you a little about Shepton Mallet.

The small town of Shepton Mallet is for the most part merely a crossroads and market. There are many, many residential properties extending far out from this “market-on-crossroads”, but in terms of business and commercial investment there really is nothing here.

Granted, moving out from the center, we now have a supermarket and small shopping estate, these shops numbering a small handful and some various factories and such further afield.

Yet the fundamental “essence” of Shepton Mallet is purely this pinnacle atmosphere of a quiet market village. In fact the name “Shepton Mallet” itself means “Sheep Farm”.

Interesting isn’t it then, how it took FIFTY years for the Council to work out that giant commercial buildings can actually be constructed FAR AWAY from fragile CHURCHES?!

So forgive me for pointing out the HIGHLY OFFENSIVE concrete structure, which has NEVER even needed to be there, which has NEVER even served a purpose and which NEVER WILL serve a purpose.

You know WHY it never will? Because nobody with an OUNCE of morale, who can see its equivalence to an ICBM in the middle of a duck pond, would ever invest in it and ANYBODY with an OUNCE of sanity knows this.

Yet… now they want to turn it into flats…??? How DETERMINED to DEPRIVE Christians of NATURAL community CONSCIOUSNESS do you have to be?

And wasn’t its purpose originally supposed to “increase commercial investment” in the town? Now if by that you mean to “increase online drugs dealing” I’m not sure Shepton needs more town center flats. Deary, deary me… we do seem to have got things a LITTLE BACKWARDS don’t we?

Let me explain it to you in REAL words.

HOW DARE YOU push to the gutter the ONLY iconic Church of Shepton Mallet, by surrounding it with concrete and DESTROYING the ancient architectural beauty of our town?

THEN… you decide to call it THE AMULET, as if to say:


Anybody… and I mean ANYBODY… can take one look at that SHITHOLE of a DOTDONC monstrosity and see as clear as daylight that it is SATAN’s CHURCH itself.

WHO would invest in that? WHY would anyone invest in something that destroys the architectural peace and beauty of a once peaceful and beautiful town? NOBODY WOULD.


In all honesty, your, “Majesties of Shepton Town Council”, even if somebody DID invest in this cow crap of a construction, they would merely be consciously endorsing the crime of VISUAL ASSAULT.

Do you want to know WHY nobody invests in Shepton Mallet? SERIOUSLY, do you want to know WHY?

Because you built a SATANIC CHURCH on SACRED LAND and attempted to turn Shepton Mallet into a Satanic culture.


TRUST ME, if you want to bring investment into Shepton Mallet, then you need to REMOVE the Satanic Church you errected and restore our ancient cobbled Market place back to its former glory.

For as long as that Amulet has stood on sacred ground NOBODY has invested in Shepton Mallet.

And for as long as that Amulet continues to stand nobody will WANT to invest in Shepton Mallet.

So for all you RETARDS on the local Council board and WHATNOT who are so BLINDED by their own Satanic interests that they cannot see it is their OWN EVIL HANDS which has destroyed our town… it is high time you all woke up to the fact that the Shepton Mallet Amulet always has been and always will be… GROUND ZERO.


Article and Video of the Amulet’s Opening Ceremony

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