DUST ~ Dictatorship Under Scientific Terrorism

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It is important to note, Black Holes do not exist and are a fabricated weapon of DUST.

It is a duty and obligation to remind the “scientific community” of the facts.

Albert Einstein himself never actually believed in Black Holes, despite how the indoctrinating media exploits his genius, he thought the concept unrealistic.

Black Holes In Our Solar System

Recent publications by DUST further exploit the weakened consciousness of humanity by going the ultimate stage further and finally declaring the possibility of Black Holes inside our own Solar System.

Scientists have officially declared this by suggesting that the unconfirmed “Planet Nine” of our Solar System may “in fact” be a Black Hole.

Scientists propose plan to determine if Planet Nine is a Black Hole

Is Planet Nine A Black Hole?

Is There A Black Hole In Our Backyard?

Ever Encroaching Black Holes

Aside from the “Supermassive Black Hole” declared to be at the center of our galaxy and of which, apparently, they now have “photographic evidence”, DUST continues to declare these terrorising phenomena to be ever encroaching on our own home in the Cosmos.

A Black Hole Is Almost On Our Doorstep

Furthermore, the ever continuing hypothesis that CERN, the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, could by an accident of calculation create a Black Hole here on Earth, only increases the dark power DUST has over our natural consciousness and rational right to peace of mind.

A Notice To DUST

Black Holes do not exist, let alone in our own “solar system” and declaring such a scenario to be a real possibility, is confirmation of intent to psychologically assault children.

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