The Faux Orbital Plane Of Heliocentrism

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Any mainstream indoctrinating scientist will happily tell you how the Earth spins at about 1,000 mph, orbits the Sun at about 67,000 mph and all whilst the Sun and all the Solar System is likewise hurtling through space at an average 500,000 mph.

Yet amidst all these incredible speeds of movement and numerous different directions everything is supposedly moving, one merely looks up at the peaceful night sky and sees with his or her own eyes, that the Stars never change and never have changed for thousands upon thousands of years.

Nay, it is not true that we live on a gymnastic cosmic ball of doom and the reason why can be demonstrated with an easy mental experiment.

Let us imagine for a moment that we are standing on a flat solid platform in space, say about the size of an average living room floor.

Now let us imagine that this platform is moving upwards towards our feet at the same speed the Earth supposedly orbits the Sun. So it is rising towards us at about 67,000 miles per hour.

Without going into the long term side effects of this phenomena, we can assume it would be somewhat difficult to stand up, at least initially until our momentum equals the floor.

Yet, now imagine our next door neighbour, who is standing on the opposite side of the same platform, underneath us or, horizontally to the other side if you will, depending on your angular perspective of the event.

In any case, the platform moving upwards towards us is, for our neighbour, moving away from them at 67,000 miles per hour.

Heliocentric Orbital Plane
Credit: National Geographic
Herewith, there is a reason mainstream indoctrinated science will mostly portray the Solar System as moving about a “flat plane”, as such showing “horizontal” progressions around the Sun.

This is to covertly preserve your own subconscious perspective of walking about a Flat Plane so that you do not realise the lunacy of a round ball Earth.

You see, if the Solar System were more often presented “vertically”, as such flipped 90°, so the planets move up and down, then it would become dawning on your conscience that something doesn’t actually quite add up.

This is because mathematically, if you were standing in Australia whence Ireland leads the way up and over the Sun, there would be a significant measurable difference in gravity beneath your feet as the Earth moves away from your position.

Regardless of the Earth’s “gravitational pull” on your feet, created by its own mass, the Earth would be moving away from you at 67,000 miles per hour.

Likewise a person standing in Ireland would be subject to the Earth moving towards them at 67,000 miles per hour.

Furthermore, as we have been “told”, the Earth of course also spins on its axis at about 1,000 mph. Thus as the planet moves upwards, over, downwards and under the Sun, it is also swirling sideways on its axis faster than the speed of sound!

Do you really think such a cocktail of significant movements in gravitational continuum would be unnoticeable or even unmeasurable?

It might then surprise you to know that nobody ever has measured the Earth’s spin or movement, or even ever defined gravity itself.

Aye it is true, no evidence has ever been presented, other than seemingly fabricated photography, that we live on a ball spinning around at about 1,000 mph, which orbits the Sun at about 67,000 mph and all whilst the Sun and all the Solar System is likewise hurtling through space at an average 500,000 mph.

The Galearthéan Institute Of Flat Earth Science & Technology provides a fascinating insight into the true nature of our world, the cosmos from whence we were born and indeed the worthwhile meaning of life.

Thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “The Faux Orbital Plane Of Heliocentrism

  1. Wow. Great perspectives. As a laymen, it is an obvious objective observation of the earth’s rotation. Everything else, not so straight forward. Everything in the universe moving in tandem, as to allow for stars to be in the same place in the sky consistently; everything maintaining its station, relative to the speeds of their surroundings, and maintaining a life supporting distance from the sun. If everything weren’t going in a circular motion, would we eventually reach the outer limits of the universe? Ha! This is a most interesting blog. A good thing, is that we can go to other planets, and able to return without, changing our coordinates or losing site of earth all together. “The future is ours, to see.”.


    1. It is believed Galearthéa does rotate, since originally during its formation it would have, however its present speed of rotation is expected to have become very slow, whilst it is the lighter and gaseous objects above which move much faster, as they gyroscopically orbit the Galearthéan planar mass.


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