Monkey In The Moon

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Monkey In The Moon
There is a Monkey in the Moon… can you see him?
It is an inherited fault of human beings that we see only what satisfies our selfish pursuit of world dominance.

When we look up at the night sky, most of us who have been conditioned into this “space race” psychology, behold the stars and all the heavens as items of powerful acquisition.

We see the “Man in the Moon” because we only look for ourselves in its face.

When other creatures gaze up towards the majestic night sky what do they see? What perhaps do our closest relatives, the Monkeys behold whence they cast their awestruck eyes unto the nightly mystical abyss of outer space?

Do they see their God? Do they see a guardian perhaps? There is a Monkey in the Moon. I have seen it before during a Lunar Eclipse and in fact it is even moreso profound than our own proclaimed likeness.

Monkey In The Moon
Hang on… let me see if I can help… see him now?
I have attached a photo here and with a crayon attempted to show you where he is, can you see him?

Aye, this Moon is a Blood Moon, often observed during a Lunar Eclipse. In fact, during this event the atmosphere somewhat mysteriously brings out the features to a very striking likeness. The apparition appears thence to be facing more to the right, his left ear thus unobservable whilst the right ear feels more naturally embraced about the side of his hairy head and indeed hereby the underside curve enhances the Monkey’s long mouth.

Yet this atmospheric phenomena of artistic profundity truly has to be seen to be believed. Look out for it, since it is a most mesmerizing event.

So imagine now… in the jungle, amongst all the wild beasts and majestic birds, whence the Monkeys whom rule the cloud smothered trees call out in the darkness of the night, as their sacred friend above comforts their woes and brings salvation unto their sky.

We are not alone.

God bless.

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