Walessia ~ For The Wings Of A Dragon

Flag Of Walessia
Flag Of Walessia
Pronounced ‘wale(s)-sha’.
Our present Celtic times are becoming ever moreso a dawning of a new togetherness, not only in spirit but in political unity and strength.

Whilst born in Somerset, it is unto the Celtic lands I have always felt I belonged, where the evergreen forests cry for a spirit to dance amongst them beneath their graceful Moon.

As discussed throughout this blog, the concept of Panceltic unity in modern times is not only a growing discussion, but amidst the unwelcome politics of an anti-European Westminster, its offensive ignorance of any Celtic society outside of London and the unanimously regarded catastrophe of a recent pandemic under Conservative rule, the now crumbling British Isles is actively seeking a way out of its imminent implosion.

Panceltainia is a fine ship, she sails onwards with a raised head.

Yet even thence, a United Celtic Isles would never become a reality without the courage and political determination to first bring people together unto support independence as individual nations.

Until we have all reclaimed and made each our individual Countries independent once again, Panceltainia must sail alone only in our dreams.

Of course, she has always been a dream to me and perhaps her character is true unto only that reality. But independence… aye, at least one thing is true… the time for each our own Celtic nations’ independence is now.

I have previously presented democratic models for how our Celtic nations could go about rebuilding once again as independent Countries, all of which can be found at the Panceltainia Landing Page.

For The Wings Of A Dragon

The purpose of this article is again one such presentation.

It is very well known that smaller countries are often the opposite to what a global power may encourage you to believe. Amidst the striking prowess of world domination, one almost thinks that smaller lesser known countries are worse off economically. Yet this conditioned subconscious idea is completely inaccurate.

Smaller countries are often amongst the most economically stable. Furthermore their laws and politics are commonly in good keeping, their populations are often comfortably employed, both happy and healthy and with the ability to enjoy many kinds of benefits which superpowers might rather not award their citizens.

Wales & Cornwall

YllwChlk often discusses Cornwall and how this once independent region might reignite its ancient past unto a stronger, geographically larger and more dynamically structured nation.

If the hearts of the people are unanimously determined, then surely this once small land of Cornish sailors could rebuild their golden land?

Aye, independence of all kinds is always a nerve shaking endeavour. Imagine leaving home for the first time, getting your own job, your own apartment and having to tackle the greater wider world on your own two feet.

Especially if you have found yourself living next door to a dictator.

This is why we all need each other, as Celtic comrades so to speak. We know each and every one of us, for the majority, favour independence and have the sophistication to assert this endeavour.

Perhaps what we need to do is create a bridge towards Panceltainia.

Let us open our arms, offer a welcoming hand to our closest neighbours and become each and every one of us, much stronger powers.

Let our very good old friend Ireland reunite with Northern Ireland. May they once more even be embraced together by Europe, as rightful members of the European Union.

Let our worthy hard working friends Northumbria become an independent country. They too desire their rights to self determination.

Yet they need not do it alone.

Let bonnie Scotland arise with open arms too, pray they reach out to those strong determined Northumbrians… and welcome them as a member of the same good community.

Let us thence make Northumbria a part of Scotland.

And now let us return to Cornwall. Who can reach out to Cornwall? The south west? Aye, but the south west itself is not a nation.

Unless… perhaps… you consider ALL the south west…

I see now… a light is surely shining. It always has been. We just didn’t see it before because we didn’t open our eyes. You want to know WHY we didn’t open our eyes? DO YOU?

Because Westminster closed them.

Walessia Geographical Region
Walessia Geographical Region
Here is a portrayal of the future, whence Ireland reunites forever, Scotland joins hands with Northumbria and Cornwall unites truly with Wales.
I believe in dragons. So did you once. You’ve just forgotten. But I am going to open your eyes, RIGHT NOW, I am going to take you high into the air, above all this boring English oppression and REVEAL to you… what you have always known.

Oh, for the wings, for the wings of a dragon.

Aye, Wales. Why not let this joyous people join hands with Cornwall? Why not let the people of ancient Celtic lands rejoice once more as people of strong spirit, hard work and good fortune.

Do you see the dragon now? No? Look closer…

Om mani padme hum… where once a raging fire of living soul and working heart begun… bring peace once more with strongest winds and let us measure thine truly risen and most powerful wings… Om mani padme hum….

Behold, for Walessia art truly, the sacred shape of a Dragon’s wings.

God bless.

YllwChlk ~ Kernow: The Country Of Cornissia

Plaid Cymru Party
Scottish National Party
Northern Independence Party
Sinn Féin Party
Mebyon Kernow Party

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4 thoughts on “Walessia ~ For The Wings Of A Dragon

  1. I have had a fascination with all things Celtic, since I was a boy. My own Irish roots are those of my grandpaternal great-grandmother, on my father’s side. There are many Ryans in the Emerald Isle, of course, so some research would have to go into making my own visit to Eire worthwhile. I also, though, fully intend to visit other Celtic lands, including a second visit to Bretagne, which I enjoyed in 2014. As to the independence of small nations, from a Baha’i perspective, a unified world is built from the ground up, with strong member states, rather than a top-down, one size fits all concept-which is doomed to collapse of its own weight.

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    1. Great to hear your story! Yes, what we have at present is a colonialist union and one fighting to remain that way unfortunately. Whilst the possible eventuality would be a reverse, ‘Panceltainia’, the only way out of this nightmare is to unite together, as you say, “from the ground up”. With regards Walessia, it is well known Kernow does not like to move its borders easily, but even so, they do talk about uniting with Devonshire. So in reality, I envisage such a union as becoming two independent wings, yet of the same Dragon. That is partnership. Best regards, Simon.

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