Chessatya Solitaire

Chessatya Solitaire by Simon Jepps
Chessatya Solitaire by Simon Jepps
Aye, the game of Chessatya is not merely a pastime of spiritual recreation between friends, but is also a pastime of spiritual recreation with God.

Whilst the philosophical history behind Chessatya’s creation is one of peace, reconciliation and understanding, Chessatya Solitaire is in fact also a unique philosophical practise completely in and of itself.

As the name suggests, Chessatya Solitaire is indeed a game played solitary. Yet whence thine solitude is one spent meditating with God, thence Chessatya Solitaire is a game shared also with God.

Whilst it is not unusual for Western Chess players to partake in ‘solitaire’ games by themselves, these are in all rationality, only for Opening and positional studies.

For in Western Chess your only opponent is either a real living person or an artificial intelligence simulation.

Chessatya Solitaire is on the other hand a much more sentimentally intimate encapsulation of a “virtual” companion.

That is to say, Chessatya Solitaire embraces through the Dice, the abstract concept of a supernatural opponent. You could call this opponent ‘Karma’, ‘Chaos’ or even ‘God’. Yet for the passionate dedication and purpose for which this game was designed, we will call our companion ‘God’.

Thus the spiritual practise of Chessatya Solitaire is the assertion, proclamation and ascension unto complete honesty and adherence unto God.

This is a game then, of intellectual honesty and an exercise of solitary morale.

How to play…

The game is played in exactly the same manner as Chessatya would be played if there was a real life opponent, only it is yourself who throws the Dice on behalf of God and thence ‘God’ who decides their outcome.

Chessatya Solitaire here then provides the virtual grace of a ‘paranormal intelligence’ so to speak, in that the Dice determine the piece choices of your opponent.

Whilst it cannot be guaranteed any divine intervention may ever take place, for that is a wonder only knowable by the participant, it is certainly a cosmological truth that God art at least one and of all things.

Thus here, whilst there is no living breathing opponent to challenge you, there is certainly a living breathing law of cosmos to challenge you.

In this respect, it is God who determines the granted values of the Dice.

This is one half of the conversation.

The second half of the conversation is your assertion unto complete honesty with God.

The pieces have been provided for, you have been given the grace of which if any pieces your opponent may move in his turn.

It is now your choice to decide, given the pieces shown on the Dice and in all complete honesty, what would be the best move your opponent should make?

Aye, perhaps it is your own turn and yet the Dice do not grant you the pieces you desire. Is this fair? Well, it is no fairer than a usual game of Chessatya with a usual opponent.

So, when your opponent likewise is only given the choice of a Pawn… and out of all the Pawns on the board… there is one which can trap your most valued piece… do you grant him this success?

A game played with utmost honesty is truly a wondrous spectacle of thine faith. For even as it is yourself who moves the pieces, it is the spirit of God’s laughter that moves the Dice.

Which do you value more, your triumph over truth, or your mutual ascension unto God?

Unto the Solitaire…

Sometimes in life we can feel very lonely, even whence we have friends and even, whence we have God.

Yet if thou truly believes there is a God, thence it is now you must create for yourself a more intimate relationship with all that you feel brings ever closer God’s presence.

Just as I have done with Music, with Art, with Science… and with Chessatya.

Aye, alas for it is true, even whence times are very painful, however much we know and feel God to be listening, we also know that to strike all our enemies down with lightning would only be a worldly contradiction to the continuum of all existence.

I hence agree, that sometimes whilst God’s love can only help us from within ourselves, that there should at least be a moment of hope in a physical companionship “of kind.”

And so, for now at least until the day all my works are completed, in peace I give you… Chessatya Solitaire.

Oh and, don’t just listen to the birds outside your window, sing back to them as well. Feed them and water them… bring their world into yours and yours unto theirs. Ignore the naysayers, they only say nay because they don’t know any birds.

Good tidings and God bless.

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