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TCT Sun Moon & EarthSince ancient times civilisations from all over the world have harboured deeply philosophical beliefs about the origin and nature of our cosmos.

And even today, albeit amidst a dictatorship of the deprivation of natural consciousness, we still do.

The Cosmic Trinity is a supplementary teaching of Galearthéan cosmology, in that it is the most philoscientific of all astronomical curriculum and as such is to be regarded as an almost separate thesis.

This thesis adopts the theorem that Galearthéa, or our physical world, is both finite and contained, yet of a spiritual infinity.

When I say ‘finite’ and ‘contained’, I mean it has a size, shape and boundary beyond which we cannot physically pass.

Yet when I say of a ‘spiritual infinity’, I mean it has a being, nature and timelessness beyond which we can transcend God.

The Sun, Moon & Earth

The biggest question asked whence opening one’s mind as to the true size, shape and nature of our world, is of the local heavens.

If the heavens are purely for our earthly meditation and not a place to physically visit in this life, then why on Earth did God place a planet size ball in our sky?

The answer to that question depends on whether you actually believe God did place a planet size ball in our sky, or, if the Moon is actually something else entirely.

Galearthéan science states that the Moon is the variably glowing ember of a dying Star.

See :~

Yet, The Cosmic Trinity goes much, much deeper than that, particularly in the philosophical sense and so this is where the theorem deviates from official Galearthéan curriculum.

The Eternal Relationship

The Sun and Moon are in fact, the same object.

To understand how this can be so, one must accept the concept of Szion and thus the possibility of a fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension is the eternal presence of God.

  • The Sun represents Life.
  • The Moon represents Death & Reincarnation.
  • The Earth represents Eternity.

Thus the Sun & Moon are bound unto Eternity.

Whence God created the Sun it was only so with the knowledge that eventually one day it will die.

Whence the Sun dies it would become but an ember of its living past, a cold and barren sphere.

Yet whence God created the Eternal Earth, both Life and Death became bound unto God.

Thus the Moon would become born of the same time and space as the Sun, its glowing face proclaiming the phases of its eternal reincarnation.

Aye for their living and dying art a true wonder even of thine present day. For as thou beholds the becoming awakened Moon, thou beholds the going wandering Sun and whence thou beholds the becoming raging Sun thou beholds the graceful sleeping Moon.

The Sun & Moon’s peaceful travelling through our skies from day unto night and from night unto day proclaim the timeless wonder of God’s heart.

Behold for whence their meeting art the eclipse of God’s light, they art themselves the immortal rebirth of God’s salvation.

Behold now the immortal warmth and light of God and the eternal waxing and waning of reincarnation.

For the Sun the bringing of life & the Moon the nursing of prayers, art forever the one and the same entity.

Philoscientific Appraisal

Presuming then that, aside from their visibly different locations in space they are in fact the same object, would it be possible to visit them?

For example, if we could actually land on the Moon, then what would happen during a Solar Eclipse?

The Cosmic Trinity deviates from official Galearthéan curriculum by placing both the Sun & Moon at identical size and distance from our Earth.

As such during a Solar Eclipse the Moon would be passing straight through the Sun!

Whilst the fifth dimension allows for the two to pass this way unaffected by each others’ presence, it does not mean we are able to physically visit them.

At the beginning I mentioned how The Cosmic Trinity adopts the theorem that Galearthéa, or our physical world, is both finite and contained, yet of a spiritual infinity.

The outer heavens are impassable by human kind, just as the realms beyond Antarctica are impassable by human kind. The place we call ‘outer space’ does not provide for the successful function of any scientific instrument and the realms beyond Antarctica are likewise unaccommodating.

On the one hand, this does thence mean we cannot leave the Earthly confines of our world, yet however on the other hand, this is because through spiritual transcendence we find the eternal and the timeless, the evergrowing and the abundant love and joyness of almighty God.

For yet the world is ever changing, ever growing and thus there will always be so much more to explore. Perhaps even Antarctica is not completely impassable and the wonder of Szion will deliver our two eternal guardians of day and night wherever we may go.

At the end of the day, great knowledge may be greatly spiritual, but the nature of even God’s science requires the righteous to walk the Earth and deliver what they believe.

And I believe.

The Stone Of The Pregnant Woman Baalbek
The Stone Of The Pregnant Woman ~ Baalbek
From the enchanting pyramids of Egypt, the mystical secrets of the Mayans, the advanced ancient architectures of Puma Punku, Machu Picchu, Gobekli Tepe, the ancient stones of Baalbek, the eternal majesty of Petra and the uncountable discoveries of people who built empires out of mountains…

… through the sacred living sacrament of Earth’s natural wonders, of the jungles and the rainforests, the forests, the rivers and the seas… the gigantic unchartered underground caves of these and many other independently thriving ecosystems, their wildernesses a paradise of unchained beauty even whence there is no light… to behold the giantesque and divine crystal caves of Mexico is to behold more than the entire universe itself…

… and truly… unto the immeasurable and unimaginable depths of the forever raging oceans… where even today scientists are discovering not only thousands of new species but even worlds beyond worlds, beneath worlds within worlds… beyond even the known physical world…

To leave the Earth behind is to leave our Earthly understanding and thus the contentment of truly being.

We need not look outside our Earthly realm to discover the infinite and forever enchanting wonders of the cosmos, for through the transcendence of all truth one will realise, just as the sailors of antiquity would navigate their way by the Stars, the Heavens above art divinely our Earthly guides of Earthly discoveries in this life, this time and this space.

When they shine in the darkness of the night, they are not saying to follow them out from this world… for that would be dying… they are saying to discover their secrets hidden here within this world… for only that would be truly living.

Peace in God makes us complete.

Unto The Earth

And so it is time.

We must break free from our indoctrination of scientific fallacy and realise the truth of inner sacred understanding. We must release unto the world each our divinest super abundant being and embrace eternally all that our very own Mother Earth has provided.

For we only desire more from life whence:

  • Social indoctrination demands we believe our world is doomed and our purpose only finite unless we accept our worthlessness unto unrighteous scientific saviours.

Alas for it is true, we have arrived at the time prophecized for millennia upon millennia, whence the forces of pure good and pure evil would become locked in purest war.

Even today, science is proclaiming proof of the non existence of a human soul and the unrivalled triumph of science over God.

Well open thine ears ye sick and twisted creatures of a global dictatorship, for GIOFEST art thine rival.

And with God in my heart doth I beat my chest.

Aye, there have been more continents written about in antiquity than there have been prophets who ruled the world.

The true shape of the Earth art depicted in the contours, lines and colours, of an aged wise man’s face, who’s goodness and virtues proclaim upon his forehead, the infinity of God’s majestic and miraculous work.

For the Earth is flat and the sky seer of its trueness.


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