Jesuit Chess ~ AI, Droidfish & Other Apps

Droidfish Jesuit Chess
Droidfish Chess engine for Android incorporating Jesuit Chess positional characteristics.
In time to come we hope a Chess computer of sorts will be available which is capable of processing Jesuit Chess algorithms. Whilst at this time there is none such computer, YllwChlk does have at least a solution of a kind.

Personally, I employ Droidfish for recreational, analytical and publishing use. It is a very good Chess engine with numerous features and even a selection of interface themes.

When playing Chess against Droidfish, it is possible to incorporate Jesuit Chess rules by a method of intervention in its computational processes.

This does not exactly create a Jesuit Chess ‘program’, since Droidfish does not actually compute these new rules, but it does allow the player to influence the logic continuum so that it absorbs Jesuit Chess behaviour.

It is at least a useful tool for Jesuit Chess enthusiasts who wish to simulate Jesuit Chess games through an AI interface.

All a player needs to do is:

  • Pause the game.
  • Adjust the position through the positional editing options, to reflect the Jesuit Chess behavioural move.
  • Switch colours to perform a calculation on behalf of the computer and to recalibrate tempos if necessary.
  • Assume original colour of play if desired.
  • Continue the game.

Once the position has been edited appropriately and play has recommenced, Droidfish will process algorithms just as before, incorporating the new positional requirements.

Even otherwise illegal positions, such as a reversed King and Queen, or a Bishop having moved orthogonally will nevertheless be embraced by the interface and computed as a regular continuation of the game.

The only unorthodox position I believe it will not compute or allow is a home Pawn on the 1st rank, but that is not in anyway an aspect of Jesuit Chess.

A good Chess engine like Droidfish will allow things like twin coloured Bishops to be played, even during the start of a game.

In short, freely available Chess Computers are certainly able to accommodate Jesuit Chess, provided you are prepared to adjust the position manually.

I hope this article provides some relief for those hoping to incorporate Jesuit Chess characteristics into their Chess computer games.

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Jesuit Chess © Simon Jepps

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