Stellar Quantum Pairing ~ The Entanglement & Superposition Of Our Sun & Moon

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Stellar Quantum PairingThis article is the scientific sister thesis of the philoscientific thesis Galearthéa ~ The Cosmic Trinity & The Eternity Of The Earth, published previously.

It is important to read the previous article to gain a more wholesome understanding of how these two thesis relate.

The Cosmic Trinity states that both the Sun & Moon are in fact the same object, visible in two different locations of both time and space.

The philoscientific thesis explains that, one must accept the concept of Szion and thus the possibility of a fifth dimension, in order to understand how this came to be.

The fifth dimension is the eternal presence of God.

  • The Sun represents Life.
  • The Moon represents Death & Reincarnation.
  • The Earth represents Eternity.

Thus the Sun & Moon are bound unto Eternity.

The philoscientific thesis states how the Moon embodies the extinguished and regenerative future state of our future Sun, while the living presently active state of our Sun embodies the eternally kindling and regenerating state of our Moon.

Science Vs Philoscience

Of course this is all very well if you believe in God. Yet aside from the spiritual cosmology, is there a real existing scientific embodiment and thus possibly observable realisation of this philosophical belief?

Yes there is.

Quantum Superposition is the state of singular subatomic particles existing in two different places simultaneously, regardless of their size or distance.

Quantum Entanglement is the state of two subatomic particles influencing each other simultaneously, regardless of their size or distance.

Orthodox indoctrinated Science itself claims that all quantum states are not necessarily singular isolated events, but that perhaps a combination of quantum states may likewise be possible.

Stellar Quantum Pairing is thence hereby the Galearthéan scientific thesis stating that the Sun & Moon are both two and one the same object, bound by both Quantum Superposition & Entanglement, appearing as one singular object in two different temporal locations.

When the Sun dies, the Moon ignites, thence the extinguished Sun becomes our new Moon and the regenerating Moon becomes our new Sun.

What is time? Where or when do Stars come from? Where or when do they go? What is ‘scientific’ eternity?

The Galearthèan principle of Quantum Stellar Pairing modifies the concept of ‘entanglement’ unto a binary temporal superposition. In short this is to say, two objects in two different physical locations actually exist as one object in two different temporal locations.

Thus the concept of ‘scientific’ eternity is hereby suggested as observable through all evidences of Szion phenomena, such as Selenelion, whence the lumination of the Moon contradicts measurable physics, Solar Duplicity, whence the Sun appears to harbour a measurable twin and thus the quantum entanglement and superposition of our Galearthéan Sun & Moon.

Each and every Star in the Cosmos is believed to have a quantum sister Star, either in an extinguished state or regenerative state.

The Stars in the cosmos are by their own nature, self defining chronological time pieces. They are bound unto an eternal clockwork through their relative movements through time and space.

This chronological binding of their quantum states are what initiates a ‘zero point event’ whence they are instantly ‘already born entangled’ unto an eternal spacetime continuum.

Whilst it is possible not all Stars have a quantum pairing, it is believed any Star without a sister would only exist as a form of ejected Stellar matter from an already paired Star. Such unpaired Stars would not exist for very long and certainly not as long as a quantum pair, which could be forever.

The distances between two quantum paired Stars is determined by spacetime itself, yet in general their localities are usually within visible range and will be influenced by the locality of nearby plenums.

When a paired Star is brought close to a local state of plenum, its quantum sister would likewise, unless influenced by a greater local plenum, become influenced by the same relative plenum local to its sister. In this instance, a Star would either become an orbiting companion of its nearby sister, or if at some distance away, imitate its sister’s movements. Hence the phenomena of ‘wandering stars’.

The actual distances between any paired Stars will likewise be influenced by the localities of plenums. Yet those Stars continuing to reside deep within the vacuum of Space could be anywhere between nearly adjacent and immeasurably far apart.

Thus it is believed most ‘major’ Stars orbiting above our supermassive planar disc each harbour a local quantum sister, each brought together through the ‘gravitational’ influence of our very own plenum.

This quantum entanglement & superposition is only observable as an ‘end result’, in other words, as each their current states in spacetime, yet the actual quantum temporal mechanics and medium of influential processes cannot be observed from our own dimension.

With regards our own Sun & Moon’s absolute locations in orbit above our planar disc, it is believed the Moon is somewhat closer to our disc than the Sun. This is because due to the Galearthéan nature of gravity, a more gaseous object will orbit much higher than a less gaseous object.

Thus in time to come whence the Sun & Moon reverse their quantum states, the Sun will begin to move closer to our planar disc as it dims and extinguishes, whilst the Moon will begin to rise away from our planar disc as it brightens and reignites.

Yet rest assured, since both objects are effectively a honeycomb plasma, they will never actually harbour the density required to fall from the sky to Earth.

Pease see Galearthéa ~ The Alpha & Omega Of Flat Earth Science for a more detailed scientific and mathematical study of both our Sun & Moon, their physical compositions and evidences of their quantum nature through Szion.

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