Chessatya by Simon Jepps
Welcome to Chessatya.

Chessatya is a combination of the two words “chess” and the Hindi word “satya” meaning ‘truth’. Thus, “chess in truth”.

The game of Chessatya is a carefully crafted and passionately finetuned transposition of ancient Chaturanga unto modern Chess. It could be described, not as the next evolution of Chess, but as the next revolution of Chaturanga.

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This website provides Chessatyans with a forum for study and discussion of this great new game. If after reading the guides contained here you would like to learn more, then feel free to comment on the articles and Simon or a member of the community will endeavour to respond.

Simon Jepps is the inventor of Chessatya and the author of this website.

Chessatya ~ Of Kings & Time

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