A Knight Folly in the Giuoco Piano
Knight Folly ~ Giuoco Piano
The next evolution of Chess is not the evolution of new pieces. It is not even the evolution of a singular piece. Nor will it be the evolution of sixty four squares unto a hundred squares, or more.

Aye, now behold the spirit of new squares and pieces, yet as if created only from the magic of the player’s own hands.

For the evolution of Chess is purely, yet exquisitely, the evolution of its rules… unto a new law. A new law which brings a myriad of new Openings, a labyrinth of new territories, unlimited new worlds of adventure and a newfound wonder unto this ancient sacred art.

This section of my YllwChlk blog features articles and studies into a new revolutionary law and practise of Classical Chess, which I personally proclaim to be the next evolution of this most ancient and sacred game.

The Game Of Chess & The Law Of The Folly

Bishop Follying: King’s Indian Defence

Bishop Follying: French Defence

Knight Follying topics coming soon…

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