To Leap Or Not To Leap

How The Mission Moves
The Mission is a colour bound Rook, with the ability to leap the nearest opposite coloured square. It may also move without leaping, two squares diagonally.
When creating the Mission, it was always the paramount intention to keep the piece as natural to the game as would be wholeheartedly possible.

I first identified the one final remaining natural movement pattern about the Chess board, which had not yet been awarded to any piece.

This was to be, orthogonal colour bound movement.

I next identified a naturally suggested trait of this new piece, which was to be, leaping the nearest orthogonal square.

Since the Mission was colour bound, it only makes natural sense for it to jump the nearest opposite coloured square.

Thence, to improve its prowess and mediation, I would allow it to move two squares diagonally.

This would be the third natural trait… decided by its natural standing footprint of two squares.

However, although from the very first move I desired the piece to leap diagonally also, it would come to pass that my very own equation of naturally dictated design would eventually overthrow any intention I may have to allow it to do so.