The Concise Rules Of Missionary Chess

Missionary Chess Starting Position
Missionary Chess Starting Position
Missionary Chess is played on a 10×8 checkered board with an additional piece known as the Mission positioned between the Knight and Bishop.

The Mission is a colour bound Rook, with the ability to leap the nearest opposite coloured square. It may also move without leaping, two squares diagonally.

The Mission is represented by the symbol of the Egyptian Ankh ☥ and is notated with an M.

The Mission is discussed in much more depth of course, throughout the rest of this blog.

Missionary Chess features a new specialty called Follying, whereby the Mission’s adjacent Bishop or Knight may be relocated to the Mission’s home square in the same turn of the Mission first vacating.

Whilst this could cause both Bishops to be of the same colour square, Follying can be performed both King or Queen side, replenishing the balance.

Follying is explained further in other chapters and discussed practically later in more detail.