The Wizard's Dwelling
Wizards Dwell Herewith
Welcome unto The Wizard’s Dwelling.

Here you will find a comprehensive manual into Chess Wizardry, as practised, developed and taught by S.E. Jepps.

The Wizard’s Dwelling is an accompanying thesis to The Law Of The Folly, both of which may be studied as an inclusive curriculum or solely as separate styles of Chess Variantism.

They are at their hearts, designed to be one and part of the same thesis, but in the world of Chess Variantism, different players will only embrace different amounts of magic, or wizardry.

Whatever the weather, I hope you enjoy what you discover here and do send me some mail, or comment on the articles, if you have something positive to share.

Thank you for reading!

The Wizard’s Dwelling & The Law Of The Folly © Simon Edward Jepps